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Businesses iconInformation Reports (Formerly Annual Reports)

The Information Report is submitted every two years by any business on file with the Kansas Secretary of State.

When to File

Information Reports are filed biennially. Businesses forming in even years file reports in each succeeding even year. Businesses forming in odd years file reports in each succeeding odd year. View information report due dates by using Business Search.

Delinquency Status for Failure to File

Every business is afforded a delinquency period for their business registration. This is a three-month interval after the due date when the information report may still be filed. Once a business has become delinquent, the business will be limited on what documents may be filed.

Forfeiture for Failure to File

If the three-month delinquency interval has passed, a business will forfeit. This status indicates the business failed to file an information report on time. Once a business has forfeited, the business won’t be able to file any other document with the Secretary of State until it has submitted past due reports and has been reinstated. (See the Reinstate a Business page)