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Businesses iconClose a Business

Submit a certificate of cancellation, dissolution, or withdrawal. Other documents may be required with other state or federal agencies to completely close your business. Visit the Kansas Business One Stop for additional information on closing your business.

What to File

The following options are currently allowed to end registration with our office:

  1. Certificate of cancellation or certificate of dissolution: Filed for domestic (Kansas) businesses.
  2. Certificate of withdrawal: Filed for foreign (non-Kansas) businesses.
  3. Certificate of conversion/domestication out of Kansas: Filed by domestic (Kansas) businesses. (See the Change/Amend a Business page)
  4. Certificate of merger: Filed by either domestic (Kansas) or foreign (non-Kansas) businesses. (See the Change/Amend a Business page)

Requirements for a Cancellation/Dissolution/Withdrawal

The business wishing to cancel, dissolve, or withdraw must be in good standing with the Kansas Secretary of State.

If the business is in a delinquent status, it must file an information report before the closure document may be filed.

If the business is in a forfeited status, it must reinstate before closing.

Cancellation/Dissolution/Withdrawal vs. Forfeiture

Forfeiture indicates the business didn’t timely file an information report or hasn’t maintained an active resident agent in the state of Kansas.

The business, in consultation with its own advisors, determines whether to file closing documents or to allow the business to forfeit its status by not filing any closing documents.