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Businesses iconChange/Amend a Business

When formation documents filed with the Kansas Secretary of State no longer present accurate information about a business, the information may be updated or corrected by filing an amendment, correction, conversion, domestication, merger, or other change with the Kansas Secretary of State.

Certificate of Amendment

A Certificate of Amendment is the most common document used for indicating a change to information contained in the formation document. An amendment can be used to change information on formation documents with certain limitations. To file an amendment, a business must be in good standing.

Certificate of Correction/Corrected Document

A Certificate of Correction indicates that the information contained in a document previously filed with the Kansas Secretary of State was inaccurate and reflects the information that should have been contained in the original filing. A Certificate of Correction retroactively changes the originally filed information. Once filed, a Certificate of Correction becomes a part of the original formation document.

Certificate of Conversion/Domestication

Certificate of Domestication:

A business may file a Certificate of Domestication when it changes its state of jurisdiction, that is, its home state, the state whose laws govern its internal affairs. The business may change from a non-Kansas business to a Kansas business or vice versa.

Certificate of Conversion:

A business may file a Certificate of Conversion when it changes its type of business, that is, changing from a corporation, limited liability company, limited partnership, or limited liability partnership to a different type. A non-Kansas business can’t change its business type to a different non-Kansas business type. It must withdraw its current formation documents and submit a new foreign application.

Certificate of Merger or Consolidation

A Certificate of Merger or Consolidation must be filed when two or more businesses combine to form a single business. If the businesses involved are registered with the Kansas Secretary of State, the businesses must be in good standing.

Amendment Forms