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General Services iconGovernmental Entity Filings

Governmental entities are required by statute to file certain documents with the Secretary of State's Office. If you need to file any of the following, please send it to Clay Barker either by a scan attached to an email to or by mail to:

Kansas Secretary of State
Attn: Clay Barker
120 SW 10th Ave.
Topeka, KS 66612-1594

Questions can be directed to Clay Barker at 785-296-3483 or via email.

Filings: (No filing fee)

  • City Charter Ordinances
  • County Charter Resolutions
  • Drainage District filings
  • Easements on Navigable Rivers
  • Interlocal Agreements
  • Industrial District filings
  • Irrigation District filings
  • Municipal Energy Agency filings
  • Public Wholesale Water Supply District filings
  • Reservoir Improvement District filings
  • Rural Water District filings
  • Soil Conservation District filings
  • University Agreements
  • Water Assurance District filings
  • Water Supply Contracts
  • Watershed District filings