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Publications iconKansas Register

Volume 42 - Issue 8 - February 23, 2023

State of Kansas

Department of Administration
Office of Facilities and Property Management

Notice of Commencement of Negotiations for Construction Manager At-Risk Services

Notice is hereby given for the seeking of interest and qualifications for Construction Management At-Risk (CMAR) services for the Wichita State University (WSU)-University of Kansas Medical Center (KUMC) Health Sciences Education Center. Please note that this project was previously advertised but did not have sufficient responses to proceed to short listing. Thus, the project is being readvertised.

The Health Science Education Center, a joint project between WSU and the KUMC, is envisioned as an interprofessional healthcare learning environment within a biomedical corridor the heart of downtown Wichita, Kansas. Architectural programming has identified the need for a 470,000 square foot building complex that co-locates all the programs and clinics at KU School of Medicine, KU School of Pharmacy, WSU College of Health Professions, and WSU Tech Health Professions. The facility will consist of classrooms, research labs, simulation labs, faculty/staff office space, academic home space, and outward facing clinic space. The design will progress with space efficiency in mind and will continue to identify opportunities for collaboration. Although a final building site is still in progress, WSU and KUMC will focus on sites located adjacent to an existing parking structure as the current program does not include creating new parking. The anticipated total construction cost for the facility is approximately $236 million with anticipated building occupancy in Fall 2026.

An architectural/engineering program is available at For more information contact Emily Patterson at 316-978-3444 or; or David Rau at 913-945-5943 or

To be considered, one (1) PDF file of the following should be provided: State of Kansas Professional Qualifications DCC Forms 051, 052, 053, 054, and information regarding similar projects. Forms may be found at State of Kansas Professional Qualifications DCC Form 050 for each firm and consultant should be provided at the end of each proposal. Please include your firm name, agency abbreviation and an abbreviated project name in the title of the PDF document. Proposals should be less than 5Mb and follow the current State Building Advisory Commission guidelines for Phase I of the Construction Management at Risk process, which can be found in Part B – Chapter 7 of the Building Design and Construction Manual at Paper copies and flash drives containing copies of the proposals are not required.

Proposals should be sent to Proposals received after the date and time noted below will not be forwarded to the State Building Advisory Commission for review. If you have questions concerning the proposals, please contact Randy Riveland at 785-296-0749. The PDF proposal submissions shall be delivered to the attention of the State Building Advisory Commission by 2:00 p.m. on or before March 10, 2023.

The State of Kansas, as a matter of public policy, encourages anyone doing business with the State of Kansas to take steps to discourage human trafficking. If prospective bidders/vendors/contractors have any policies or participate in any initiatives that discourage human trafficking, the prospective bidder/vendor/contractor is encouraged to submit same as part of their bid response.

Frank Burnam
Office of Facilities and Property Management

Doc. No. 050904