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Pooled Money Investment Board

Notice of Investment Rates


Unified School District No. 293, Gove County, Kansas (Quinter)

Summary Notice of Bond Sale

Salina Airport Authority (Salina, Kansas)

Summary Notice of Bond Sale

City of Manhattan, Kansas

Summary Notice of Bond Sale

New State Laws

Kansas Legislature

House Bill 2039, concerning wildlife and parks; relating to hunting and fishing licenses; exempting disabled veterans from certain requirements; relating to recreation; designating Lehigh Portland state park as part of the state park system

Senate Substitute for House Bill 2058, concerning gaming; relating to sports wagering; authorizing any compact with a federally recognized Indian tribe to include provisions governing sports wagering outside the boundaries of Indian lands

House Bill 2173, concerning political subdivisions of the state; relating to building codes or similar rules; providing that such provisions shall not prohibit refrigerants approved for use under federal law

House Bill 2196, concerning retirement and pensions; relating to the Kansas police and firemen’s retirement system; providing for membership affiliation for certain law enforcement officers and employees of the Kansas department of wildlife and parks; establishing employee and employer contributions; amortizing certain actuarial legacy costs for such affiliation, exception; expanding Kansas deferred retirement option program membership to all members of the Kansas police and firemen’s retirement system; extending the expiration date of such program

House Bill 2214, concerning the department of corrections; relating to facilities; changing the name of the Larned correctional mental health facility to the Larned state correctional facility; removing references to facilities that no longer exist

Senate Substitute for House Bill 2302, concerning water; relating to funding for the state water plan and water infrastructure projects; making and concerning appropriations for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2023, and June 30, 2024, for the state treasurer; providing for a transfer of moneys from the state general fund to the state water plan fund; creating the water technical assistance fund and water projects grant fund; authorizing the Kansas water office to provide grants from such funds and adopt rules and regulations to establish the criteria for grants from such funds

House Substitute for Senate Bill 42, concerning hospitals; relating to the hospital provider assessment; exempting rural emergency hospitals from such assessment; relating to the qualifications of hospital board members; requiring that a member be a qualified elector of the county where the hospital is located or a qualified elector of an adjacent county and owner of real property in the hospital taxing district and a majority of members be residents of the county where the hospital is located

Senate Bill 44, concerning financial institutions; relating to cybersecurity; enacting the Kansas financial institutions information security act; requiring certain covered entities to protect customer information; authorizing the state bank commissioner to adopt rules and regulations; providing penalties for violations of such act


Kansas State Board of Healing Arts

Permanent Administrative Regulation