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Publications iconKansas Register

Volume 41 - Issue 46 - November 17, 2022

State of Kansas

Legislative Administrative Services

Interim Committee Schedule

The Legislative Research Department gives notice that the following legislative committees plan to meet on the dates listed below based on current information and subject to change. Requests for accommodation to participate in committee meetings should be made at least two working days in advance of the meeting by contacting Legislative Administrative Services at 785-296-2391 or TTY 711, or email

Date Room Time Committee Agenda
Nov. 15 112-N 8:30 a.m. Health Care Stabilization Fund Oversight Committee Annual review of the Health Care Stabilization Fund (HCSF); Presentation and reports from the HCSF Board of Governors’ staff and actuary; Update on medical malpractice insurance market and the Availability Plan; Comment from health care provider representatives; Discussion and recommendations, Committee report.
Nov. 16 582-N 9:00 a.m. Joint Committee on Information Technology Presentations on quarterly IT project reports; Three-year IT plans; Cybersecurity activities; Branch IT project updates; Certain approved and planned state IT projects.
Nov. 16 548-S 10:30 a.m. Legislative Coordinating Council Legislative matters.
Nov. 16 112-N 9:00 a.m. Joint Committee on Child Welfare System Oversight Public comment on child welfare system from individuals, providers, and organizations; Presentations on Mental Health Intervention Team Program, Safe Families for Children, Kansas Division of Child Advocate, foster care contractors; Department for Children and Families update.
Nov. 17 112-N 9:00 a.m. Joint Committee on Child Welfare System Oversight Pending Legislative Coordinating Council approval of another meeting day: Presentations on adoption and permanency; State Child Death Review Board; Kansas Children’s Service League.
Nov. 18 112-N TBD Special Committee on Taxation Retirement and Social Security Income taxation; Property valuation; Unused tax provisions.
Nov. 21 112-N 9:00 a.m. Special Committee on Workforce Development Presentations; Committee comments and recommendations.
Nov. 22 548-S 9:00 a.m. Legislative Budget Committee Update on Consensus Revenue Estimates.
Nov. 28 582-N 9:00 a.m. Special Committee on Mental Health Beds TBA
Nov. 28 112-N 9:00 a.m. Joint Committee on Corrections and Juvenile Justice Oversight Overviews on KORA and KOMA, committee duties and obligations, historical committee recommendations and proposed legislation, SB 367 and 2022 HB 2200, court services and community corrections, Sedgwick County Community Taskforce to Review Youth Corrections Systems Standards; Attend Drug Court; Tour Shawnee County Community Corrections.
Nov. 29 112-N 9:00 a.m. Joint Committee on Corrections and Juvenile Justice Oversight Overviews on criminal record expungements and costs, offender registration, substance abuse treatment and SB 123 Program; Panel presentation on workforce training; Committee discussion on statutory duties and obligations.
Nov. 30 112-N 9:00 a.m. Joint Committee on Corrections and Juvenile Justice Oversight Overview by Kansas Department of Corrections (KDOC); Overview and discussion on KDOC facility study report; Presentation by Arista Recovery; Overview of juvenile crisis intervention centers; Presentation on Justice Reinvestment Initiative in Kansas; Committee discussion and recommendations.
Dec. 1 548-S TBD Joint Committee on Fiduciary Financial Institutions Oversight Review of fiduciary financial institutions’ operations in Kansas and the fiduciary financial institutions pilot program; Report from the Office of the State Bank Commissioner; Committee Report discussion and possible recommendations.
Dec. 2 548-S TBD Joint Committee on Pensions, Investments and Benefits Review of pensions topics.

Tom Day, Director
Legislative Administrative Services

Doc. No. 050669