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Publications iconKansas Register

Volume 41 - Issue 46 - November 17, 2022

State of Kansas

Department of Administration
Office of Facilities and Property Management

Notice of Hearing

Pursuant to K.S.A. 75-37,143(d), the State Building Advisory Commission will conduct a public hearing at 9:00 a.m. Wednesday, December 14, 2022, in Suite 1200, 12th Floor, Eisenhower State Office Building, 700 SW Harrison St., Topeka, Kansas. Check in at the front desk with security is required.

The purpose of the hearing is for the public to have an opportunity to comment on a request from the University of Kansas to utilize Construction Manager (CM) At-Risk alternate project delivery method for the Landscape Zone U, 11th and Mississippi Project.

The project includes the development of a multi-purpose venue with year-round use, which may incorporate conference or entertainment capabilities, retail, dining, hospitality, health care services, or other facilities that support economic development and the University’s academic mission. The project construction budget is $251,250,000.

Frank Burnam, Director
Office of Facilities and Property Management

Doc. No. 050668