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Publications icon2023 Session Laws of Kansas


House Bill No. 2313

An Act concerning health and healthcare; creating the born-alive infants protection act; providing legal protections for infants born alive; requiring certain standards of care by healthcare providers for infants who are born alive; providing criminal penalties and civil liability for violations of the act; amending K.S.A. 65-445 and repealing the existing section.

Message to the Legislature of the State of Kansas

This bill is misleading and unnecessary. Federal law already protects newborns, and the procedure being described in this bill does not exist in Kansas in the era of modern medicine.

The intent of this bill is to interfere in medical decisions that should remain between doctors and their patients.

Therefore, under Article 2, Section 14(a) of the Constitution, I hereby veto House Bill 2313.

Laura Kelly, Governor

Dated April 14, 2023.