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Publications iconKansas Register

Volume 43 - Issue 13 - March 28, 2024

State of Kansas

Legislative Administrative Services

Legislative Bills and Resolutions Introduced

The following numbers and titles of bills and resolutions were introduced March 14th – March 20th during the 2024 session of the Kansas Legislature. Full text of bills, bill tracking, and other information may be accessed at

House Bills

HB 2841, AN ACT concerning income taxation; relating to credits; providing for an increased amount of income for eligibility of individuals for the selective assistance for effective senior relief credit; amending K.S.A. 79-32,263 and repealing the existing section, by Committee on Taxation.

HB 2842, AN ACT concerning information technology; relating to transferring information technology employees under the chief information technology officer of each branch; creating a chief information security officer within the judicial and legislative branches; requiring the attorney general, secretary of state, state treasurer and insurance commissioner to appoint chief information technology officers; placing the duty of cybersecurity under the chief information technology officer; requiring state agencies to comply with certain minimum cybersecurity standards; exempting certain audit reports from the open records act and eliminating the five-year review of such exemption; making and concerning appropriations for the fiscal years ending June 30, 2025, and June 30, 2026, for the office of information technology, Kansas information security office and the adjutant general; authorizing certain transfers and imposing certain limitations and restrictions, and directing or authorizing certain disbursements and procedures for all state agencies; legislative review of state agencies not in compliance with this act; amending K.S.A. 40-110, 75-413, 75-623, 75-710 and 75-7203 and K.S.A. 2023 Supp. 45-229, 75-7205, 75-7206, 75-7208, 75-7238, 75-7239 and 75-7240 and repealing the existing sections, by Committee on Appropriations.

HB 2843, AN ACT concerning postsecondary education; relating to scholarship programs; establishing the scholarship task force; creating the Kansas academic excellence scholarship program to replace the Kansas ethnic minority scholarship program; amending K.S.A. 74-3284, 74-3285, 74-3286, 74-3287, 74-3288 and 74-3289 and repealing the existing sections, by Committee on Appropriations.

HB 2844, AN ACT concerning taxation; relating to income tax; modifying tax rates for individuals; increasing the income limit to qualify for a subtraction modification for social security income; increasing the Kansas standard deduction and Kansas personal exemption and further increasing by a cost-of-living adjustment; relating to privilege tax; decreasing the normal tax rate; relating to property tax; increasing the extent of exemption for residential property from the statewide school levy; decreasing the rate of ad valorem tax imposed by a school district; abolishing the local ad valorem tax reduction fund and the county and city revenue sharing fund; amending K.S.A. 65-163j, 65-3306, 65-3327, 75-2556, 79-1107, 79-1108 and 79-1479 and K.S.A. 2023 Supp. 72- 5142, 74-8768, 79-201x, 79-2988, 79-32,110, 79-32,117, 79-32,119 and 79-32,121 and repealing the existing sections; also repealing K.S.A. 19-2694, 79-2960, 79-2961, 79-2962, 79-2965, 79-2966 and 79-2967 and K.S.A. 2023 Supp. 79-2959 and 79-2964, by Committee on Taxation.

House Resolutions

HR 6043, A RESOLUTION providing for changes in seat assignments in the House of Representatives during the 2024 legislative session, by Representatives Hawkins, Croft and Miller.

HR 6044, A RESOLUTION commemorating the celebration of St. Patrick’s Day and recognizing the 100th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the United States and Ireland, by Representatives Tarwater, Williams, Rhiley, Amyx, Bergkamp, Bergquist, Blew, Blex, Buehler, Carlin, Carpenter, Carr, Clifford, Collins, Concannon, Corbet, Curtis, Dodson, Ellis, Eplee, Essex, Estes, Francis, Garber, Gardner, Goddard, Helgerson, Hill, Hoffman, Hoheisel, Howerton, Hoye, Kessler, McDonald, Miller, Minnix, Murphy, Neelly, Neighbor, Penn, Pickert, Poskin, Proctor, Rahjes, Resman, Robinson, Roth, Sanders, Sawyer Clayton, Schlingensiepen, Schmoe, Schreiber, Smith, Smith, Stogsdill, Sutton, Thomas, Thompson, Waggoner, Wasinger, Waymaster, White and Williams.

House Concurrent Resolutions

HCR 5026, A CONCURRENT RESOLUTION supporting the federal AM Radio for Every Vehicle Act and urging for the inclusion of AM radio in vehicles, by Representatives Rahjes, Amyx, Bergquist, Blex, Bloom, Bryce, Clifford, Collins, Corbet, Delperdang, Droge, Francis, Gardner, Goddard, Hoffman, Hoheisel, T. Johnson, Maughan, Miller, D., Minnix, Roth, Sanders, Schlingensiepen, Schmoe, Schreiber, Seiwert, Smith, E., Tarwater, Titus, Wasinger and White.

Senate Bills

SB 552, AN ACT concerning the state board of regents; enacting the Kansas campus restoration act; relating to deferred maintenance and demolition of facilities at postsecondary educational institutions; authorizing the board to adopt rules and regulations; establishing the Kansas campus restoration fund in the state treasury; authorizing certain transfers from the state general fund to the Kansas campus restoration fund; requiring annual reports be submitted to certain committees of the legislature, by Committee on Ways and Means.

SB 553, AN ACT concerning insurance; relating to health insurance; permitting a plan sponsor to authorize electronic delivery of plan documents and identification cards for certain insured individuals covered by a health benefit plan; amending K.S.A. 40-5801, 40-5803 and 40-5804 and repealing the existing sections; also repealing K.S.A. 40-5802, by Committee on Federal and State Affairs.

SB 554, AN ACT concerning health and healthcare; relating to certain definitions; providing that a fertilized human ovum or embryo existing outside of the uterus of a human body shall not be considered an unborn child or human being, by Committee on Federal and State Affairs.

SB 555, AN ACT concerning health and healthcare; relating to medical cannabis; creating the medical cannabis pilot program act; authorizing the secretary of health and environment to enter into contracts for the limited cultivation, processing and distribution of medical cannabis for patient use upon a physician’s recommendation; imposing terms and conditions for such contracts; establishing requirements for physician certifications recommending medical cannabis use; levying an excise tax on the retail sale of medical cannabis; establishing the medical cannabis refund fund and the medical cannabis research and education fund; creating the crime of unlawful storage of medical cannabis; making exceptions to the crimes of unlawful manufacture and possession of controlled substances; amending K.S.A. 21-5703, 21-5705, 21-5706, 21-5707, 21-5709, 21-5710, 23-3201, 38-2269, 44-501, 79-5201 and 79-5210 and K.S.A. 2023 Supp. 65-1120 and 65-28b08 and repealing the existing sections, by Committee on Federal and State Affairs.

SB 556, AN ACT concerning the Kansas silver alert plan; relating to public notice of certain missing persons; expanding such plan to include persons 18 years of age or older who have been diagnosed with an intellectual disability and are in certain dangerous circumstances; amending K.S.A. 75-754 and repealing the existing section, by Committee on Federal and State Affairs.

Senate Resolutions

SR 1746, A RESOLUTION congratulating and commending the 2024 Kansas Master Teachers, by Senator Longbine.

SR 1747, A RESOLUTION recognizing Storytime Village, Inc., for its work in giving young Kansas children the opportunity for a better future through its literacy programs, by Senators Faust-Goudeau and Blasi.

SR 1748, A RESOLUTION congratulating Kansas City Kansas Community College on its 100th anniversary of serving the educational needs of Wyandotte County and the broader Kansas City region, by Senators Pettey, Haley and Pittman.

SR 1749, A RESOLUTION supporting the Kinaway Chamber of Commerce and the First Nations Leadership Development Trade Mission to Kansas, by Senators Haley and Faust-Goudeau.

Doc. No. 051992