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Agency 91

State Department of Education

Article 40.—Special Education

Editor Note:


91-40-1. Definitions
91-40-2. FAPE
91-40-3. Ancillary FAPE requirements
91-40-4. FAPE for exceptional children housed and maintained in certain state institutions
91-40-5. FAPE for detained or incarcerated children with disabilities
91-40-7. Child find
91-40-8. Evaluations
91-40-9. Evaluation procedures
91-40-10. Eligibility determination
91-40-11. Evaluation for specific learning disability; use of response to intervention process
91-40-12. Right to independent educational evaluation
91-40-16. IEP requirements
91-40-17. IEP team meetings and participants
91-40-18. IEP development and content
91-40-19. IEP liability
91-40-21. Educational placement
91-40-22. Agency placement in private schools or facilities
91-40-24. Educational advocates
91-40-25. Opportunity to examine records and participate in meetings
91-40-26. Notice requirements
91-40-27. Parental consent
91-40-28. Special education mediation and due process hearings
91-40-29. Qualifications of special education mediators and due process hearing officers
91-40-30. Expedited due process hearings
91-40-31. Educational placement during proceedings
91-40-33. Change in placement for disciplinary reasons; definitions
91-40-34. Short-term suspensions and interim placements; suspension of gifted children
91-40-35. Services required during suspensions or interim alternative educational placements
91-40-36. Determination of services for children with disabilities suspended from school or placed in interim alternative educational settings
91-40-37. Revoked
91-40-38. Manifestation determination; appeal
91-40-39. Revoked
91-40-41. Private school placement by parents to obtain FAPE
91-40-42. Child find and count of children with disabilities enrolled in private schools; determination of children to receive services
91-40-42a. Consultation
91-40-43. Services to private school children
91-40-44. Allocation and expenditure of federal funds; reports
91-40-45. Services plan or IEP
91-40-46. Mediation and due process rights of private school children
91-40-47. Transportation for exceptional children enrolled in private schools
91-40-48. Use of funds and equipment
91-40-49. Use of funds and equipment
91-40-50. Parental access to student records; confidentiality
91-40-51. Filing complaints with the state department of education
91-40-52. School district eligibility for funding; facilities
91-40-53. Resolution of interagency agreement disputes