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Agency 7

Secretary of State

Article 17.—Uniform Commercial Code

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7-17-22. Search logic. (a) Search results shall be produced by applying only standardized search logic to each name presented to the filing officer. Human judgment shall not play a role in determining the results of the search. The standardized search logic used shall meet the following criteria:
(1) There is no limit to the number of matches that may be returned in response to the search criteria.
(2) The characters searched are letters "a" through "z" and numbers 0 through 9.
(3) No distinction is made between uppercase and lowercase letters, and all letters are converted to uppercase in the filing office database.
(4) Punctuation marks, accents, and suffixes are disregarded. Punctuation marks and accents shall mean all characters other than the letters "a" through "z" and the numbers 0 through 9.
(5) Words and abbreviations at the end of a name that indicate the existence or nature of an organization are disregarded. These words and abbreviations shall include the following:
(A) Association;
(B) bank;
(C) church;
(D) college;
(E) company;
(F) corporation;
(G) club;
(H) foundation;
(I) fund;
(J) incorporated;
(K) institute;
(L) limited;
(M) society;
(N) syndicate;
(O) trust;
(P) union;
(Q) university;
(R) limited partnership;
(S) LP;
(T) limited liability company;
(U) LLC;
(V) limited liability partnership;
(W) LLP;
(X) professional association;
(Y) chartered; and
(Z) the following abbreviations: co., corp., inc., ltd., and P.A.
(6) The word "the" at the beginning of the search criteria is disregarded.
(7) All spaces are disregarded.
(8) For middle names of individuals, initials are equated with all names that begin with these initials, and the absence of a middle name or initial is equated with all middle names and initials.
(9) The word "and" and the symbol "&" are equated with each other.
(b) After using the criteria in subsection (a) to modify the name of the debtor requested to be searched, the search shall reveal only names of debtors that are contained in unlapsed financing statements and exactly match the name requested, as modified. (Authorized by K.S.A. 2006 Supp. 84-9-526; implementing K.S.A. 2006 Supp. 84-9-519; effective Oct. 12, 2001; amended, T-7-9-6-06, Sept. 6, 2006; amended March 23, 2007; amended July 7, 2008.)
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