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Agency 7

Secretary of State

Article 17.—Uniform Commercial Code

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7-17-1. Definitions. (a) "Address," as used on a UCC record, means at least a city and state or a city and country.
(b) "Amendment" means a UCC record that changes the information contained in a financing statement. This term shall include assignments, continuation statements, and termination statements.
(c)"Assignment" means an amendment that assigns all or a part of a secured party's power to authorize an amendment to a financing statement.
(d) "Continuation statement" shall have the meaning prescribed by K.S.A. 84-9-102(a)(27) and amendments thereto.
(e) "Correction statement" means a UCC record that indicates that a financing statement is inaccurate or wrongfully filed.
(f) "File number" shall have the meaning prescribed by K.S.A. 84-9-519(b) and amendments thereto.
(g) "Filing office" means the office of the secretary of state or county register of deeds.
(h) "Filing officer" means the secretary of state or one of the county registers of deeds.
(i) "Filing officer statement" means a statement of correction entered into the filing office's information system to correct an error by the filing office.
(j) "Financing statement" shall have the meaning prescribed by K.S.A. 84-9-102(a)(39) and amendments thereto.
(k) "Individual" means a human being, or a decedent in the case of a debtor that is a decedent's estate.
(l) "Initial financing statement" means a UCC record that causes the filing office to establish the initial record in the filing office's UCC information management system.
(m) "Organization" means a legal person who is not an individual.
(n) "Remitter" means a person who tenders a UCC record to the filing officer for filing, whether the person is a filer or an agent of a filer responsible for tendering the record for filing. "Remitter" shall not include a person responsible merely for the delivery of the record to the filing office, including the postal service or a courier service, but shall include a service provider who acts as a filer's representative in the filing process.
(o) "Secured party of record" shall have the meaning prescribed by K.S.A. 84-9-511 and amendments thereto.
(p) "Termination statement" shall have the meaning prescribed by K.S.A. 84-9-102(a)(79) and amendments thereto.
(q) "UCC" means the uniform commercial code as adopted in this state.
(r) "UCC record" means an initial financing statement, an amendment, an assignment, a continuation statement, a termination statement, or a correction statement and shall not be deemed to refer exclusively to paper or paper-based writings. (Authorized by and implementing K.S.A. 2007 Supp. 84-9-526; effective Oct. 12, 2001; amended July 7, 2008.)
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