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Publications iconKansas Administrative Regulations

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Agency 60

State Board of Nursing

Article 9.—Continuing Education for Nurses

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60-9-106. Continuing nursing education for license renewal. (a) At the time of license renewal, any licensee may be required to submit proof of completion of 30 contact hours of approved continuing nursing education (CNE). This proof shall be documented as follows:
(1) For each approved CNE offering, a certificate or a transcript that clearly designates the number of hours of approved CNE that have been successfully completed, showing the following:
(A) Name of CNE offering;
(B) provider name or name of the accrediting organization;
(C) provider number or number of the accrediting organization, if applicable;
(D) offering date;
(E) number of contact hours awarded; and
(F) the licensee's name and license number as shown on the course roster; or
(2) an approved Kansas state board of nursing IOA, which shall include approval of college courses that meet the definition of continuing education in K.S.A. 65-1117, and amendments thereto.
(b) The required 30 contact hours of approved CNE shall have been completed during the most recent prior licensing period between the first date of the licensing period and the date that the licensee submits the renewal application as required in K.S.A. 65-1117, and amendments thereto, and K.A.R. 60-3-108. Contact hours accumulated in excess of the 30-hour requirement shall not be carried over to the next renewal period.
(c) Acceptable CNE may include any of the following:
(1) An offering presented by an approved provider or national organization whose focus is patient safety and improving nursing practice, including the following: American academy of nurse practitioners, American association of critical-care nurses, American midwifery certification board, American nurses association, American nurses credentialing center, emergency nurses association, national board of certification and recertification for nurse anesthetists, and pediatric nursing certification board;
(2) an offering as designated in K.S.A. 65-1119, and amendments thereto;
(3) an offering for which a licensee has submitted an IOA, which may include credit requested for a college course that meets the definition of continuing education in K.S.A. 65-1117, and amendments thereto. Before licensure renewal, the licensee may submit an application for an IOA to the board, accompanied by the following:
(A) A rationale statement that applies the meaning of continuing nursing education, as defined in K.S.A. 65-1113 (h) or continuing education, as specified in K.S.A. 65-1132 (a)(2) and amendments thereto;
(B) an agenda representing exact learning time in minutes;
(C) official documentation of successfully completed hours, which may include a certificate of completion or an official college transcript; and
(D) learning or behavior objectives describing learning outcomes;
(4) a maximum of 15 contact hours for the first-time preparation and presentation as an instructor of an approved offering to licensed nurses. Two contact hours of instructor credit shall be granted for each hour of presentation;
(5) an offering utilizing a board-approved curriculum developed by the American heart association, emergency nurses association, or Mandt, which may include the following:
(A) Advanced cardiac life support;
(B) emergency nursing pediatric course;
(C) pediatric advanced life support;
(D) trauma nurse core course;
(E) neonatal resuscitation program; or
(F) Mandt program;
(6) independent study;
(7) distance learning offerings;
(8) a board-approved refresher course if required for licensure reinstatement as specified in K.A.R. 60-3-105 and K.A.R. 60-11-116;
(9) participation as a member of a nursing organization board of directors or the state board of nursing, including participation as a member of a committee reporting to the board. The maximum number of allowable contact hours shall be six and shall not exceed three contact hours each year. A letter from an officer of the board confirming the dates of participation shall be accepted as documentation of this type of CNE; or
(10) any college courses in science, psychology, sociology, or statistics that are prerequisites for a nursing degree.
(d) Fractions of hours 30 minutes or greater to be computed towards a contact hour shall be accepted.
(e) A maximum of 15 contact hours shall be accepted for renewal of certification in advanced cardiac life support (ACLS), pediatric advanced life support (PALS), or similar standardized recertification courses developed by the American heart association, emergency nurses association, or Mandt each licensing period.
(f) Contact hours shall not be recognized by the board for any of the following:
(1) Identical offerings completed within a renewal period;
(2) offerings containing the same content as that of courses that are part of basic preparation at the level of current licensure;
(3) in-service education, on-the-job training, orientation, and institution-specific courses;
(4) an incomplete or failed college course or any college course in literature and composition, public speaking, basic math, algebra, humanities, or other general education requirements unless the course meets the definition of CNE;
(5) offerings less than 30 minutes in length; or
(6) a board-approved refresher course for license renewal. (Authorized by and implementing K.S.A. 2021 Supp. 65-1117; effective Sept. 2, 1991; amended April 3, 1998; amended April 20, 2001; amended July 20, 2007; amended May 10, 2013; amended April 29, 2016; amended July 14, 2023.)
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