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Publications iconKansas Administrative Regulations

Agency 28

Department of Health and Environment

Article 45b.—Underground Crude Oil Storage Wells and Associated Brine Ponds


28-45b-1. Definitions
28-45b-2. Permit required for facilities and storage wells; variances
28-45b-3. Well conversions and reentry
28-45b-4. Permit required for facility and associated storage wells
28-45b-5. Public notice
28-45b-6. Modification and transfer of a permit
28-45b-7. Signatories for permit applications and reports
28-45b-8. Siting requirements for new storage wells and facilities
28-45b-9. Financial assurance for closure of underground crude oil storage facility
28-45b-10. Operations and maintenance plan
28-45b-11. Emergency response plan and safety and security measures
28-45b-12. Design and construction of storage wells
28-45b-13. Monitoring
28-45b-14. Testing and inspections
28-45b-15. Groundwater monitoring
28-45b-16. Record requirements and retention
28-45b-17. Well workovers
28-45b-18. Plugging and plugging-monitoring requirements
28-45b-19. Underground crude oil storage fees
28-45b-20. Permit required for a brine pond
28-45b-21. Brine pond permit application; permit renewal
28-45b-22. Public notice for a brine pond
28-45b-23. Modification and transfer of a brine pond permit; variance
28-45b-24. Signatories for brine pond permit applications and reports
28-45b-25. Financial assurance for brine pond closure
28-45b-26. Design, construction, and maintenance of brine ponds
28-45b-27. Groundwater monitoring for brine ponds
28-45b-28. Brine pond closure requirements