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Publications iconKansas Administrative Regulations

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Agency 28

Department of Health and Environment

Article 16.—Water Pollution Control


28-16-1. Information required
28-16-2. Submission of information
28-16-3. Plans
28-16-4. Specifications
28-16-5. Engineer's report
28-16-6. Information concerning treatment plant
28-16-7. Deviation from plans
28-16-8. Revoked
28-16-9. Revoked
28-16-10. Revoked
28-16-11. Revoked
28-16-12. Revoked
28-16-13. Revoked
28-16-14. Revoked
28-16-15. Revoked
28-16-16. Revoked
28-16-17. Revoked
28-16-18. Revoked
28-16-19. Revoked
28-16-20. Revoked
28-16-21. Revoked
28-16-22. Revoked
28-16-23. Revoked
28-16-24. Revoked
28-16-25. Revoked
28-16-26. Revoked
28-16-27. Emergency or accidental discharge of sewage or other detrimental material into waters; report to department of health
28-16-28. Revoked
28-16-28a. Revoked
28-16-28b. Definitions
28-16-28c. General provisions
28-16-28d. Surface water classification and use designation
28-16-28e. Surface water quality criteria
28-16-28f. Administration of surface water quality standards
28-16-28g. Surface water register
28-16-28h. Surface water variance register
28-16-29. Revoked
28-16-30. Requirements for water and wastewater operator certification
28-16-31. Eligibility for water and wastewater operator certification
28-16-32. Operator certification examinations
28-16-33. Operator responsible for the operation and management of a water supply system or wastewater treatment facility, or both
28-16-34. Issuance and renewal of certificate of competency
28-16-35. Operator certification fees
28-16-36. Classification of water supply systems and wastewater treatment facilities
28-16-50. Revoked
28-16-51. Revoked
28-16-52. Revoked
28-16-53. Revoked
28-16-54. Revoked
28-16-55. Inspection of sewerage systems during construction and prohibited connections
28-16-56. Revoked
28-16-56a. Revoked
28-16-56b. Revoked
28-16-56c. Sewage permit fees; definitions
28-16-56d. Sewage permit fees; schedules
28-16-57. Revoked
28-16-57a. Effluent standards
28-16-58. Definitions
28-16-59. Filing of applications
28-16-60. Development of draft permit
28-16-61. Public notice of permit actions, public comment period, and public hearings
28-16-62. Terms and conditions of permits
28-16-63. Monitoring
28-16-65. Revoked
28-16-67. Revoked
28-16-69. Definitions
28-16-70. Designation of critical water quality management area
28-16-71. Administration of critical water quality management area
28-16-76. Revoked
28-16-77. Revoked
28-16-78. Revoked
28-16-79. Revoked
28-16-80. Elements of plan
28-16-81. Administration of approved plan
28-16-82. Revoked
28-16-83. Entities regulated
28-16-84. Objectives of general pretreatment regulations
28-16-85. Definitions
28-16-86. Local laws not superceded
28-16-87. National pretreatment standards; prohibited discharges
28-16-88. National pretreatment standards; categorical standard
28-16-89. Revision of categorical pretreatment standards to reflect POTW removal of pollutants
28-16-90. POTW pretreatment programs; developed by POTW
28-16-91. POTW pretreatment programs
28-16-92. POTW pretreatment programs or authorization to revise pretreatment standards; submission for approval
28-16-93. Approval procedures for POTW pretreatment programs and POTW revision of categorical pretreatment standards
28-16-94. Reporting requirements for POTW's and industrial users
28-16-95. Variances from categorical pretreatment standards for fundamentally different factors
28-16-96. Confidentiality of information
28-16-97. Net/Gross calculations
28-16-98. Upset provisions
28-16-110. Definitions
28-16-112. Fund use eligibility
28-16-113. Interest rate
28-16-114. Repayment of loans
28-16-115. Dedicated loan repayment source
28-16-116. Failure to repay loan on schedule
28-16-117. Double benefits
28-16-118. Project eligibility
28-16-119. Eligible project types
28-16-120. Alternative ultimate disposal
28-16-121. Infiltration and inflow
28-16-122. Alternative and innovative treatment
28-16-123. Open space recreation
28-16-124. Capital improvement plan
28-16-125. Water quality management plan
28-16-126. Nonpoint source pollution control management plan
28-16-127. Sewer use ordinance
28-16-128. User charge system
28-16-129. Value engineering
28-16-130. Project certification
28-16-131. Procurement
28-16-132. Fair labor standards
28-16-133. Small minority and women's business enterprises
28-16-134. Projects documents
28-16-135. Financial capability
28-16-136. Public participation
28-16-137. Environmental review
28-16-138. Project accounts
28-16-150. Scope
28-16-151. Definitions
28-16-152. Coverage
28-16-153. Administration
28-16-154. Incorporation
28-16-160. Definitions
28-16-161. Municipal and commercial lagoons: general provisions
28-16-162. Industrial lagoons: general provisions
28-16-163. Required hydrogeologic information for new or modified municipal, commercial, or industrial wastewater lagoons
28-16-164. Municipal, commercial, and industrial wastewater treatment system lagoons: soil liner design
28-16-165. Municipal, commercial, and industrial soil liners: postconstruction testing
28-16-166. Requirements for impermeable synthetic membrane liners in municipal or commercial wastewater treatment system lagoons
28-16-167. Requirements for impermeable synthetic membrane liners in industrial wastewater treatment system lagoons
28-16-168. Postconstruction testing of municipal, commercial, and industrial impermeable synthetic membrane liners
28-16-169. Minimum standards of design, construction, and maintenance
28-16-170. Water, oil, or gas wells
28-16-171. Monitoring wells
28-16-172. Plan and specification approval; permit issuance
28-16-173. Municipal, commercial, and industrial wastewater lagoons: closure requirements
28-16-174. Variance from specific requirements