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Publications iconKansas Administrative Regulations

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Agency 132

911 Coordinating Council

Article 5.—Training Standards

132-5-1. Training standards; technology and operations of the next generation 911 (NG911) hosted solution. Pursuant to K.S.A. 2020 Supp. 12-5364 and amendments thereto, all public safety answering point (PSAP) personnel who operate any equipment or technology provided by the NG911 hosted solution ("solution"), which is the statewide system for handling emergency calls, shall complete approved training that includes the following:
(a) Obtaining proficiency on all appropriate tools, equipment, and technology provided by the solution that they may be expected to operate within the public safety communications center;
(b) creating, accessing, and updating incident data;
(c) utilizing existing communications tools or available technologies, or both, to meet operational needs in both normal modes and backup modes;
(d) operating solution computer systems;
(e) operating solution records management systems;
(f) operating solution telephone systems, including integrated administrative systems, TTY/TDD, and other equal-access technologies;
(g) maintaining solution equipment functionality within established parameters; and
(h) using evolving and emerging technologies as these technologies are added to the solution. (Authorized by and implementing K.S.A. 2020 Supp. 12-5364; effective Oct. 15, 2021.)