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Publications iconKansas Administrative Regulations

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Agency 115

Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks

Article 20.—Miscellaneous Regulations

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115-20-2. Certain wildlife; legal equipment, taking methods, possession, and license requirement. (a) Subject to federal and state laws and regulations, wildlife listed in subsection (b) may be taken for personal use on a noncommercial basis.
(b) For purposes of this regulation, wildlife shall include the following, excluding any species listed in K.A.R. 115-15-1 or K.A.R. 115-15-2:
(1) Amphibians, except bullfrogs;
(2) armadillo;
(3) commensal rodents, excluding game and furbearing animals;
(4) exotic doves;
(5) feral pigeon;
(6) gopher;
(7) ground squirrel;
(8) invertebrates;
(9) kangaroo rat;
(10) mole;
(11) porcupine;
(12) prairie dog;
(13) reptiles, except common snapping turtles and soft-shelled turtles;
(14) woodchuck; and
(15) wood rat.
(c) Wildlife listed in subsection (b) shall be taken only with any of the following legal equipment or methods:
(1) Bow and arrow;
(2) crossbow;
(3) deadfall;
(4) dogs;
(5) falconry;
(6) firearms, except fully automatic firearms;
(7) glue board;
(8) hand;
(9) net or seine;
(10) optical scopes or sights that project no visible light toward the target and do not electronically amplify visible or infrared light;
(11) pellet and BB gun;
(12) poison, poisonous gas, or smoke, if the toxicant is registered and labeled for that use and if all permit requirements for use of the poison, poisonous gas, or smoke have been met;
(13) projectiles hand-thrown or propelled by a slingshot;
(14) snare or noose; or
(15) trap.
(d) The open season for the taking of wildlife listed in subsection (b) shall be year-round.
(e) There shall be no maximum daily bag or possession limit for wildlife listed in subsection (b), except that no more than five total of any combination of amphibian may be possessed per person or domicile, whichever is reached first, and no more than five reptiles and no more than two individuals of any reptile species per person and/or domicile, whichever is reached first. No more than five live specimens of mussels may be possessed. Two opposing shells shall constitute one mussel.
(f) For the purpose of this regulation, "domicile" shall mean the address you declare in legal documents to pay taxes, receive social security, vote, bank, permanent abode, and register vehicles and animals.
(g) Each exotic dove possessed in excess of the aggregate daily bag limit or aggregate possession limit for migratory doves during the open season for migratory doves established in K.A.R. 115-25-19 shall retain a fully feathered wing. For the purpose of this regulation, "migratory dove" shall mean any mourning dove or white-winged dove, and "exotic dove" shall mean a Eurasian collared dove or ringed turtledove.
(h) Legally taken wildlife listed in subsection (b) may be possessed without limit in time.
(i) A hunting license shall not be required to take invertebrates. (Authorized by K.S.A. 32-807; implementing K.S.A. 32-807 and K.S.A. 32-919; as amended by L. 2023, ch. 43, sec. 4; effective Sept. 10, 1990; amended Nov. 30, 1998; amended July 13, 2001; amended Nov. 22, 2002; amended Feb. 18, 2005; amended July 28, 2017; amended Oct. 6, 2023.)
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