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Publications iconKansas Administrative Regulations

Agency 100

State Board of Healing Arts

Article 72.—Naturopathy

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100-72-8. Naturopathic formulary. The following list shall constitute the naturopathic formulary for drugs and substances that are approved for intramuscular (IM) or intravenous (IV) administration, or both, by a naturopathic doctor pursuant to a written protocol entered into with a physician:
(a) Electrolytes and carrier solutions:
(1) Sterile water (IV, IM);
(2) electrolyte solution (IV);
(3) lactated ringers (IV);
(4) saline solution (IV); and
(5) half normal saline (IV);
(b) vitamins:
(1) Vitamin C (IV);
(2) B complex (IV, IM);
(3) folic acid (IV, IM);
(4) vitamin D (IV);
(5) vitamin E (IV);
(6) vitamin K (IV, IM);
(7) vitamin A (IV, IM); and
(8) vitamin B12 (IV, IM);
(c) minerals:
(1) Calcium (IV, IM);
(2) chromium (IV, IM);
(3) copper (IV, IM);
(4) iron (IV, IM);
(5) zinc (IV, IM);
(6) iodine (IV, IM);
(7) magnesium (IV, IM);
(8) selenium (IV, IM);
(9) molybdenum (IV, IM);
(10) vanadium (IV, IM);
(11) phosphorus (IV, IM); and
(12) manganese (IV, IM);
(d) amino acids:
(1) Amino acids, singular or in combination (IV);
(2) glutathione (IV, IM);
(3) tryptophan (IV); and
(4) 5 hydroxy tryptophan (IV);
(e) botanicals:
(1) Glycyrrhizin (IV, IM); and
(2) thujone-free artemisia (IV, IM); and
(f) the following miscellaneous drugs and substances:
(1) Lipids (IV);
(2) co-enzyme Q 10 (also known as ubiquinone or Co-Q 10) (IV, IM);
(3) alpha lipoic acid (IV, IM);
(4) hydrochloric acid (IV);
(5) epinephrine (IM);
(6) chelators, only with prior board approval:
(A) EDTA (IV); and
(B) DMPS (IV);
(7) diphenhydramine hydrochloride (IV, IM); and
(8) atropine sulfate (IV). (Authorized by K.S.A. 65-7203; implementing K.S.A. 65-7212; effective Jan. 21, 2005.)
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