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Publications iconKansas Administrative Regulations

The Secretary of State is the filing agency for all permanent and temporary regulations. The office publishes the proposed regulation hearing notices, and it is the final stop for the approved adopted regulations. The publications division also provides resources for agencies and other interested parties to monitor, locate, and cite regulations as well as resources to help agencies navigate the regulation process. For assistance using any of the resources below, please contact us at 785-296-0082 or

Kansas has conducted the permanent regulation approval process by paper since 1965. In an effort to improve the efficiency and transparency of Kansas rule and regulation making, Secretary Schwab has launched a regulation making reform initiative. This initiative aims to modernize the regulation making process for all state agencies, boards, and commissions. The completion of this initiative will improve state government by cutting the regulatory process burden, by reducing storage and paper costs, and by streamlining the process through digital submissions and collaboration. It will also create more transparency and accessibility to the general public.