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Kansas Children's Cabinet and Trust Fund

Notice of Meeting

Kansas State Board of Emergency Medical Services

Notice of Meetings

Kansas Department of Transportation

Notice to Contractors for June Letting Information

Kansas Department of Administration - Office of Procurement and Contracts

Notice to Bidders for State Purchase

Kansas State Board of Regents Universities

Notice to Bidders for University Purchase

Southeast Kansas Education Service Center (Greenbush)

Request for Proposals on Various Project


Shawnee Heights Fire District, Shawnee County, Kansas

Summary Notice of Bond Sale

New State Laws

Kansas Legislature

Senate Bill 414, concerning crimes, punishment and criminal procedure; relating to driving under the influence; requiring certain persons on a third or subsequent conviction thereof to participate in a multidisciplinary model of services for substance use disorders; relating to municipal courts; removing the requirement to collect fingerprints from persons convicted of violating certain municipal ordinance provisions related to driving without a valid driver’s license or motor vehicle liability insurance coverage; relating to aggravated endangering a child; increasing the criminal penalties in certain environments associated with fentanyl-related controlled substances or when bodily harm to the child results; relating to controlled substances; increasing penalties for unlawful distribution of controlled substances with respect to material containing any quantity of a fentanyl-related controlled substance; creating a special sentencing rule for such unlawful distribution thereof; relating to crimes involving violations of personal rights; eliminating the element of concealment from the crime of breach of privacy related to installing or using a device to photograph or record another identifiable person under or through the clothing being worn by that other person or another identifiable person who is nude or in a state of undress; relating to sentencing; calculation of confinement; excluding certain types of incarceration time from the allowance of time against a person’s criminal sentence; relating to supervision of offenders; updating the terms of supervision for offenders on probation and postrelease supervision


Office of the State Bank Commissioner

Notice of Hearing on Proposed Administrative Regulations

Kansas Department for Children and Families

Permanent Administrative Regulations