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Publications iconKansas Register

Volume 42 - Issue 25 - June 22, 2023

State of Kansas

Department of Administration
Office of Facilities and Property Management

Notice of Requested Architectural Services

Notice is hereby given of the commencement of the selection process for architectural services for the Kansas State University College of Veterinary Medicine Mosier Hall Small Animal Surgical Suites project.

The existing small animal surgical suites at Mosier Hall in the College of Veterinary Medicine, was designed in 1969, and has not been upgraded since then. The current facility is no longer suitable to accommodate present-day equipment and caseload and does not support current student teaching methods or efficient patient care. It does not accommodate technical advances, particularly in ophthalmic and orthopedic surgery. A recent site visit by the accrediting body, the American Veterinary Medical Association – Council on Education, deemed the existing suites as marginal to unacceptable.

This proposed project will reconfigure and modernize the Small Animal Surgery Suites using existing square footage and repurpose an additional 800 square feet, expanding the surgery suits to 8,515 square feet. The renovation will provide seven surgical suites and double the table capacity. Anesthetic induction will accommodate eight patients at once. The recovery room is designed for patient comfort and efficiency, located adjacent to small animal ICU. The design includes modern surgical scrub facilities (hands free), appropriate barrier separation of sterile and non-sterile spaces, and strategic storage for efficient workflow. The project construction budget is $4,606,400.

An architectural/engineering program is available at For more information contact Rosanna Carvalho at or at 785-532-1732.

To be considered, one (1) PDF file of the following should be provided: State of Kansas Professional Qualifications DCC Forms 051-054, inclusive, and information regarding similar projects. These forms may be found at State of Kansas Professional Qualifications DCC Form 050 for each firm and consultant should be provided at the end of each proposal. Please include your firm name, agency abbreviation, and an abbreviated project name in the title of the PDF document. Proposals should be less than 5 Mb and follow the current State Building Advisory Commission guidelines which can be found in Part B – Chapter 2 of the Building Design and Construction Manual at Paper copies and flash drives containing copies of the proposals are not required.

Proposals should be sent to Proposals received after the date and time noted below will not be forwarded to the State Building Advisory Commission for review. If you have questions, call 785-296-0749. The PDF proposal submissions shall be delivered to the attention of the State Building Advisory Commission by 2:00 p.m. on or before July 7, 2023.

The State of Kansas, as a matter of public policy, encourages anyone doing business with the State of Kansas to take steps to discourage human trafficking. If prospective bidders/vendors/contractors have any policies or participate in any initiatives that discourage human trafficking, then the prospective bidder/vendor/contractor is encouraged to submit same as part of their bid response.

Frank Burnam
Office of Facilities and Property Management
Department of Administration

Doc. No. 051257