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Publications iconKansas Register

Volume 42 - Issue 25 - June 22, 2023

(Published in the Kansas Register June 22, 2023.)

Hi-Plains Cooperative Association

Request For Proposals

Interested parties are invited to submit a proposal to complete the following scope of work for The Hi-Plains Cooperative Association’s proposed industry track construction project in Dresden, Kansas. This project is the recipient of a KDOT Rail Service Improvement Fund grant and the contract for work will be directly with The Hi-Plains Cooperative Association which reserves the right to reject any or all bids.

Scope of Work

Hi-Plains Cooperative Association, Dresden, Kansas project to remove and replace approximately 500 feet of existing siding track and install a new railcar scale. Bidder will provide all necessary labor, equipment, and logistical services to supply all materials called for to complete all rehabilitation and track construction work, ties, rail, ballast, OTM, etc.

  • Provide and install 112 lb. #1 relay rail.
    • Crossties: #1 relay except new black ties to be used at all turnouts.
    • All OTM: New.
    • Install new ballast (must be approved by Kyle Railroad).
    • Raise track to proper elevation, level out 75’ on either side of scale.
    • Machine tamp and hand regulate.
  • Install two 12’ 6” separate scales that both sets of wheels will set on at the same time and are legal for trade.
    • Excavate material for concrete foundation work (includes over excavation for a 20 foot wide mud mat).
    • Contractor will pour concrete foundation to specifications, including an area in the middle of dead span 2’ wide by 10” deep across the width of the unload conveyor.
  • Remove track from road crossing to east derail.
    • Unbolt rail east of road crossing and at east derail.
    • Pull tracks out of ground and move to the side.
    • Cut grade so that west approach is level with road crossing (to be done by others), approximately 100 feet.
    • Cut grade so that east approach will slope down approximately 14.5” to east side of approach (375 feet from derail to scale approach) to be done by others.
    • Compact ground and reuse some track bed material for 6 feet of subbase (done by others).
    • Reinstall track replacing 53 ties (approximately every 4th tie).
    • Raise track to proper slope and elevation.

Minimum Requirements

  • Contractor is to adhere to Roadway Worker Safety and Protection.
  • Contractors shall comply with all parts of 49 CFR Part 214 and 219 regarding FRA Roadway Worker Safety at all times. Workers and equipment shall remain clear of the track unless they have gained Roadway Worker Protection from a qualified person.
  • Contractor, contractor employees, agents, and/or subcontractors must be enrolled and comply with the FRA 219 approved drug testing program.
  • Subcontracted work will need to be approved by The Hi-Plains Cooperative Association prior to any work starting.
  • Work interruption of The Hi-Plains Cooperative Association business of receiving and shipping grain during all phases of the project, should be kept at a minimum to ensure the public and worker safety.


All standards referenced by the project plans and specifications, as well as all applicable AREMA standards must be upheld during all phases of the project work.

  • All rail shall be at standard gauge of 56-1/2” with proper slope and drainage.
  • All technical professionals involved in the project are required to meet the applicable licensing and/or certification requirements as stated in K.S.A. 74-7001, et seq.
  • Design standards shall conform to state and federal design criteria appropriate for the project to satisfy FRA Track Safety Class I level requirements.


The following documents shall be submitted by the contractor as part of the project:

  • Schedule of Work Plan – Submitted with proposal.
  • Certificate of Insurance – Submitted prior to construction.
  • Safety Plan – Submitted prior to construction.
  • Rail Testing (If AREMA #1 Relay Rail is used) – Submitted prior to installation.
  • Rail Weld UT Test Requirements (all rail comp welds) – Submitted with billing.
  • The Hi-Plains Cooperative requires copies of all material Bill of Ladings.

Other Responsibilities

  • Permits – Contractor is responsible for all state and local permits required for the work.
  • Utilities – Contractor is responsible to locate and protect site utilities.
  • Site Clean-up – Contractor is responsible for proper site restoration and proper disposal of materials removed in accordance with all local, state, and federal laws.


Contractor shall purchase required coverage and submit for verification to The Hi-Plains Cooperative Association that meet state requirements for:

  • Commercial General Liability.
  • Automobile Liability.
  • Workers Compensation and Employer’s Liability.


All materials shall meet the requirements found in the project plans and/or specifications as well as applicable AREMA requirements. Material storage is granted on The Hi-Plains Cooperative Association’s right of way to the contractor. However, no materials shall be stored closer than 15 feet from the centerline of any active track at any time. Material and equipment laydown areas and reclaimed materials stockpiling locations shall be discussed and further clarified at the pre-proposal meeting. Contractor is responsible for removal and proper disposal of all removed materials in accordance with all local, state, and federal laws.

Non-Project Areas

All areas (public, private, and railroad right of way) that are used for access to the project, including parts of the railroad right of way which have no proposed work, shall be maintained and/or remediated, and incidentals to the project by the contractor to the satisfaction of the property owner and tenant if any damage to these areas occurs.

Project Completion

All work pertaining to this project shall be completed by January 1, 2024, and signed off after approval of FRA Inspector.

Pre-Proposal Meeting

The Hi-Plains Cooperative Association shall hold a pre-proposal meeting at the project site at 10:00 a.m. (Central Time) Thursday, July 6, 2023, at the Dresden Hi-Plains Cooperative Association Office, Dresden, Kansas. Contractors are required to be present at this meeting to submit a proposal.

Submission of a Proposal

All proposals must be submitted no later than 5:00 p.m. (Central Time) July 20, 2023. All submitted proposals shall be reviewed by The Hi-Plains Cooperative Association. Please ensure your proposal includes all required information. All incomplete or late proposals shall be rejected. Contractors who wish to submit a proposal must attend the pre-proposal meeting.

The structure of your proposal must be clearly understood with all proposals providing the following line items and costs as listed below:

  1. Provide a total sum of all line items on the proposal.
  2. Mobilization and demobilization – lump sum.
  3. Material costs (Itemized by material, i.e., crossties, ballast, OTM, etc.).
  4. Labor costs.
  5. Other costs (freight, sales tax, etc.).
  6. Tamp and regulate – lump sum.
  7. Performance Bond (sum not less than amount of the contract as awarded) – lump sum.
  8. Clean up work site to completion – lump sum.

Work Reporting

Weekly work reports must be filled out and submitted to Dan Spresser via email at Weekly progress reports should include updates to project schedules, any delays to the project, or any change in the scope of work. A detailed summary report must be submitted at the completion of the project.

For further information or questions regarding the Request for Proposal and submission of a proposal, contact Dan Spresser at 785-443-3903 or

Bob Standage
President/Chief Executive Officer
Hi-Plains Cooperative Association

Doc. No. 051234