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Publications iconKansas Register

Volume 42 - Issue 23 - June 8, 2023

State of Kansas

Department of Transportation

Notice of Constructability Review Request

The Kansas Department of Transportation (KDOT) is currently preparing plans for the reconstruction of I-70 from MacVicar Avenue to 6th Street in Topeka, Kansas. The project is currently scheduled to be let in Fiscal Year 2025. An overview of the project can be found at A set of plans and the questions to be asked the contractors have also been placed on KDOT’s website at under Project No. 70-89 KA-1266-04.

KDOT is asking contractors to assist with evaluating construction staging and risks to constructing the proposed project with minimal impacts to the traveling community. KDOT requests one-on-one meetings with potential construction contractors to review the proposed concepts and provide feedback. We are planning to use Microsoft Teams software for virtual meetings. The meetings are voluntary and expected to last approximately 90 minutes. All contractors will be asked the same posted questions.

The month of June 2023 has been selected as the department’s desired window for constructability reviews. However, the project team is flexible if a later date would work better with your schedule. Please contact Greg Gonzales, Project Manager, at 785-368-8293 or to schedule a virtual meeting.

KDOT cannot compensate contractors for these one-on-one meetings. Contractors will not be disqualified from submitting bids for construction if they participate or refrain from participating in a one-on-one meeting.

Calvin Reed
Acting Secretary
Department of Transportation

Doc. No. 051203