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Publications iconKansas Register

Volume 42 - Issue 6 - February 9, 2023

State of Kansas

Department of Transportation

Notice to Consulting Firms

The Kansas Department of Transportation (KDOT) is seeking qualified consulting firms or teams of firms to perform construction inspection services on multiple projects in various counties. Summary information for each project is provided below in Table 1.

Interested consultants must email a proposal to by 12:00 p.m. (Central Time) March 1, 2023, to be considered for selection.

Consultant Prequalification

Consulting firms interested in providing service on any project listed below must be prequalified by KDOT in Category 241–Construction Inspection and Testing.

If a firm is not currently prequalified by KDOT, a proposal may still be submitted. Firms not prequalified must also provide documentation that demonstrates the firm is qualified for each specified category listed in this notice for the project. Firms must use the KDOT prequalification form to provide this documentation. KDOT 1050 Prequalification Category Definitions (Blue Book) can be found at Consultants may create a team to meet the prequalification requirements. All firms doing business with KDOT must be registered and in good standing under the laws of the State of Kansas at the time of contracting and must comply with applicable state and federal laws, rules, and regulations.

Background and Scope of Projects

With this single solicitation, KDOT is requesting consulting services for construction inspections on the projects listed in Table 1. This table provides summary information for each project. One consultant will be selected to perform services associated with each group listed. Firms can express interest in the groups for which they would like to be considered by submitting a response as indicated below. There is no guarantee that a firm which has expressed interest will be selected for any project(s).

Table 1: Summary of Project Information
Group RT - CO Project # Scope and County Anticipated Start Working Days Completion Date Office Comments Contractor Notes
118 K237-044 KA-6399-01 Resurfacing
May 1, 2023 25 --- Topeka --- ---
133 U024-044 KA-5105-01 Grading, Bridge, and Surfacing
May 1, 2023 --- May 24, 2024 Topeka Project in Progress ---
137 U059-023 KA-6692-01 Resurfacing
May 1, 2023 30 --- Topeka --- ---
138 K031-070 KA-6585-01 Resurfacing
May 1, 2023 20 --- Topeka --- ---
139 K009-106 KA-6680-01 Resurfacing
May 1, 2023 25 --- Horton --- Slated to be performed by same contractor.
139 K016-075 KA-6641-01 Resurfacing
May 15, 2023 35 --- Wamego --- Slated to be performed by same contractor.
139 U075-070 KA-6394-01 Resurfacing
May 1, 2023 25 --- Emporia --- Slated to be performed by same contractor.
139 - 044 KA-6643-01 Resurfacing
May 15, 2023 25 --- Bonner Springs --- Slated to be performed by same contractor.
139 - 106 KA-6358-01 Resurfacing
May 15, 2023 25 --- Iola --- Slated to be performed by same contractor.
219 K041-072 KA-6131-01 Bridge Repair
May 1, 2023 150 --- Salina --- ---
232 K156-027 KA-5553-01 Intersection Improvement
April 17, 2023 70 --- Salina --- ---
424 I035-016 KA-6125-01 Bridge Repair
May 1, 2023 80 --- Garnett --- ---
426 K039-006 KA-3908-01 Grading, Bridge, and Surfacing
April 1, 2023 165 --- Iola --- Slated to be performed by same contractor.
426 K003-006 KA-3909-01 Grading, Bridge, and Surfacing
April 1, 2023 110 --- Iola --- Slated to be performed by same contractor.
428 - 106 KA-6495-01 Sidewalk
March 30, 2023 40 --- Iola --- ---
429 U400-037 KA-6594-01 Resurfacing
April 3, 2023 160 --- Iola --- Slated to be performed by same contractor.
429 U400-037 KA-5790-01 Grading and Surfacing
April 1, 2023 220 --- Iola --- Slated to be performed by same contractor.
507 K061-078 KA-6135-01 Bridge Repair
March 23, 2023 75 --- Hutchinson --- ---
513 K254-087 KA-6601-01 Resurfacing
May 1, 2023 75 --- Wichita West --- ---
516 U281-093 KA-6627-01 Resurfacing
May 1, 2023 30 --- Great Bend --- ---
517 K061-078 KA-6582-01 Resurfacing
March 30, 2023 95 --- Pratt --- Slated to be performed by same contractor.
517 K061-076 KA-6581-01 Resurfacing
March 30, 2023 95 --- Pratt --- Slated to be performed by same contractor.
518 U054-048 KA-6845-01 Pavement Marking
March 30, 2023 60 --- Pratt --- Slated to be performed by same contractor.
518 U054-048 KA-6626-01 Pavement Patching
March 30, 2023 60 --- Pratt --- Slated to be performed by same contractor.
522 U166-096 KA-6430-01 Resurfacing
March 30, 2023 50 --- Winfield Need is 2 consultant inspectors; see website for more info. Slated to be performed by same contractor.
522 K049-096 KA-6711-01 Resurfacing
June 12, 2023 30 --- Winfield Need is 3 consultant inspectors; see website for more info. Slated to be performed by same contractor.
607 - 029 KA-6526-01 Grading and Surfacing
April 1, 2023 --- March 29, 2024 Dodge City --- Slated to be performed by same contractor.
607 U056-029 KA-6526-02 Grading and Surfacing
April 1, 2023 --- March 29, 2024 Dodge City --- Slated to be performed by same contractor.

Additional project information including construction scope to be inspected, a detailed description of the project location, and resources and inspection scope specifically requested from consultants in this request can be viewed in an online table at Upon publication of this Request for Proposals (RFP), KDOT anticipates each of these inspection efforts will require full teams (project manager and inspectors, as opposed to single role staff augmentation as is occasionally requested) for various types of construction inspection except as noted in the table. Watch the website linked above for updated information. Tabulated information (both in this RFP and on the website) shall not be relied upon during inspections. It is provided for the convenience of consultants, specifically to aid in making decisions about which projects they are interested in performing.

Specific project needs are subject to modification and/or cancellation at KDOT’s discretion.

Anticipated Consultant Scope

The scope of construction inspection services and certifications required will vary for each project and are listed in the table available on the website noted above. Inspection efforts will be managed out of the offices listed. Also included for the convenience of consultants are indications of which grouped projects are currently slated to be performed by the same contractors.

Anticipated Schedule and Key Dates

  1. Proposals are due by or before 12:00 p.m. (Central Time) March 1, 2023.
  2. Ranking of proposals is expected to occur on or around March 8, 2023. Negotiations with the most highly ranked firm are expected to begin on or around March 15, 2023. An executed agreement is anticipated shortly thereafter.
  3. Anticipated scope start dates and working days or anticipated calendar completion dates are shown in the table. All dates are subject to change.

Instructions for Proposal

  1. No cost or pricing information shall be submitted with the proposal. Proposals including cost or pricing information will be considered non-responsive and withdrawn from further consideration.
  2. The consultant’s proposal must not exceed the page limit laid out in Table 2 below (including any cover letter, index, etc.). All pages shall be standard letter size (8.5” x 11”). Any page larger than standard letter size will be counted as two or more pages depending on size.
  3. A single PDF (5MB maximum size) of the proposal including all attachments must be emailed to by the proposal due date and time.
  4. The subject line of the email and the PDF file name must read:
    1. “ConstInsp Multiple Projects_2023.02 Release_FIRM NAME”
  5. The proposal must be accompanied by Special Attachments No. 8 (“Tax Clearance Certificate”) and No. 10 (“Policy Regarding Sexual Harassment”). If you need a Tax Clearance Certificate, you can request one at Allow 2-3 business days for processing. Both attachments are required for every firm involved in a multi-consultant team.
  6. The outline in Table 2 below describes the expected proposal organization, content sections, and limits on number of pages.
    1. Each team is limited to a single, one-page cover letter.
    2. Consultants may indicate interest in any and all projects, indicate preference(s) for up to three projects, and shall do so on the “February 2023 Construction Inspections Interest and Preference Form” (available at
    3. Thereafter, each team is limited to two pages per project in which they express interest. In these pages, consultants shall:
      1. Describe the approach they plan to execute to deliver success on the project.
      2. Present the relevant qualifications and experience of the people they are proposing will provide the services.
      3. Provide the firm’s familiarity with KDOT and the project area.
    4. Finally, consultants are limited to a single, one-page description of general qualifications (“Past Performance” section plus “Approach to Quality Control” section) regardless of the number of projects in which they are expressing interest.
  7. Table 3 lists the evaluation criteria and associated weights which will be used by KDOT when making selections.
  8. Although not anticipated at this time, KDOT reserves the right to interview for the requested services associated with any of the listed projects prior to making final selections.

Table 2: Proposal Content
Section Description of Intent Page Limit
Cover Letter 1 Page
Consultant Project Interest and Preference Fill out “February 2023 Construction Inspections Interest and Preference Form” and submit with your proposal. 1 Page
Project Approach Describe how your firm will meet the fluctuating inspection needs of the project. 2 Pages per project in which team is interested
Qualifications and Experience For key personnel to be assigned to the project provide names, qualifications, education, training, and expertise. Identify their area(s) of responsibility and percent of their time dedicated to the project. List work for which you do not have in-house capability and name the firm you propose to subcontract with.
Familiarity with KDOT and Project Area Describe team’s familiarity with KDOT’s inspection processes and standards. Describe familiarity with the project area and any identified special site conditions.
Past Performance Describe team’s past performance with respect to ability to meet project schedules; quality of work; and ability to control costs on similar transportation projects, especially those performed for KDOT. Include three references and contact information. 1 Page total
Approach to Quality Control Describe methods or procedures your firm will use to provide all services with professional quality and technical accuracy.

Table 3: Evaluation Factors
Evaluation Factor Weight
The quality and completeness of the response 10%
Availability to respond to the work 20%
Qualifications and experience of project manager and other key project team members proposed for services 20%
Past performance history for similar projects/services for KDOT 20%
Understanding of the project area 10%
Understanding of KDOT contract administration and closeout procedures 20%

Contract Terms and Conditions

A standard KDOT agreement for engineering and technical services will be used for professional services projects. The following special attachments will need to be provided by the selected consultant and all subconsultants with the signed work order following negotiations and will become attachments to the contract.

  • Special Attachment No. 8 (“Tax Clearance Certificate”)
  • Special Attachment No. 10 (“Policy Regarding Sexual Harassment”)


All questions regarding this RFP shall be emailed to

Questions can be submitted until February 16, 2023; answers will be provided to all prequalified consultants on February 22, 2023.

Marcia Turner, P.E.
Contracts Manager
Division of Engineering and Design
Department of Transportation

Doc. No. 050880