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Pooled Money Investment Board

Notice of Investment Rates


Kansas Department of Health and Environment - Division of Health Care Finance

Notice of Amendment to the Kansas Medicaid State Plan

Kansas Department of Health and Environment

Notice Concerning Water Pollution Control Permits and Applications

Kansas State Board of Regents Universities

Notice to Bidders

Kansas Department of Administration - Office of Facilities and Property Management

Notice to Bidders for Construction Services for the Kansas Department of Health and Environment Topeka Laboratory Project

Kansas Department of Administration - Office of Procurement and Contracts

Notice to Bidders for State Purchase

Legislative Branch

Legislative Administrative Services

Legislative Bills and Resolutions Introduced April 6-12

New State Laws

Kansas Legislature

Senate Substitute for House Bill 2016, concerning civil actions and civil procedure; enacting the act against abusive website access litigation; creating a civil action for determining whether litigation that alleges any website access violation under the Americans with disabilities act or similar law constitutes abusive litigation and authorizing penalties for such abusive litigation

Substitute for House Bill 2121, concerning crimes, punishment and criminal procedure; relating to trials; speedy trial; extending the suspension and providing that time during the COVID-19 public health emergency shall not be assessed against the state

Senate Bill 49, concerning wind energy conversion systems; relating to aviation obstruction lighting; requiring new wind energy conversion systems to be constructed with light-mitigating technology systems prior to the commencement of operations; requiring existing wind energy conversion systems to install light-mitigating technology systems upon execution of a long-term power offtake agreement; authorizing any county to issue revenue bonds to finance some or all of the costs of the installation of a light-mitigating technology system; making all such installations subject to the approval of the federal aviation administration

House Substitute for Senate Bill 208, concerning campaign finance; relating to the governmental ethics commission; modifying the investigatory and enforcement powers thereof and the schedule of registration fees for political committees; expanding the list of allowable expenditures from contributions


Kansas Department of Revenue

Permanent Administrative Regulations

Kansas State Board of Healing Arts

Permanent Administrative Regulation