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Publications iconKansas Register

Volume 41 - Issue 30 - July 28, 2022

State of Kansas

(Published in the Kansas Register , 2022.)

Department of Agriculture
Division of Water Resources

Request for Proposals

The Kansas Department of Agriculture, Division of Water Resources (KDA-DWR) is seeking proposals for on-call engineering and consulting services to evaluate the effectiveness of the KDA-DWR Water Structures Program (WSP) dam safety regulatory program. The objective of the evaluation is to compare the WSP’s regulatory process to other states, national averages, and industry standards and give recommendations on changes that are needed for more efficient and effective protection of life and property. Additional information and the full Request for Proposals can be obtained at, by phone at 785-564-6657, or electronically at The proposals are due September 1, 2022.

Mike Beam

Doc. No. 050375