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Publications iconKansas Register

Volume 41 - Issue 28 - July 14, 2022

(Published in the Kansas Register July 14, 2022.)

Midland Marketing Co-op, Inc.

Request for Proposals

Interested parties are invited to submit a proposal to upgrade the electric railcar puller winch for the proposed Midland Marketing Co-op, Inc. (MMC) project at Toulon, Kansas under the Kansas Department of Transportation (KDOT) Rail Service Improvement Fund (RSIF).

Scope of Work

MMC at Toulon, Kansas project to upgrade the electric railcar puller winch designed to safely move up to nine loaded 286K railcars. The proposal is to provide all necessary labor, equipment, and materials called for to complete the project. The scope of work is further described as follows:

  • Remove the existing electric railcar puller winch from the existing concrete base.
  • The removed electric railcar puller winch will be left on-site at a designated site by the owner.
  • Replace the existing concrete base, unless a certified engineer determines the existing base is of adequate size, weight, and soil capable to safely support the new car puller winch.
  • Any waste materials including concrete must be removed and disposed of according to all local, state, and federal regulations.
  • The new railcar puller winch to include safety protection for the operator.

Minimum Requirements

  1. A certified engineer to determine if the existing concrete base is of adequate weight and size, soil capable of supporting loads of 4,000 lbs. per square foot before replacement.
  2. Car puller winch with estimated line pull of minimum 22,000 lbs.
  3. The car puller unit should be rated at minimum total pulling weight of 2.5 million lbs. in one direction on a relatively flat rail tract with a 1% down-hill slope.
  4. Car puller winch should have a manual clutch for free spooling of cable.
  5. Car puller winch should be configured with not less than 400’ of properly sized high quality cable.

Other Requirements


Contractor shall have required coverage and submit for verification to MMC that meets state requirements for:

  1. Commercial General Liability
  2. Workers Compensation and Employer’s Liability
  3. Builders Risk Insurance on materials and/or equipment furnished.

Non-Project Areas

All areas (public, private, and railroad right of way) that are used for access to the project, including parts of the railroad right of way which have no proposed work, shall be maintained and/or remediated, and incidentals to the project by the contractor to the satisfaction of the property owner if any damage to these areas occurs.

Project Completion

All work pertaining to this project shall be completed by February 28, 2023.

Submission of a Proposal

All proposals must be submitted no later than September 9, 2022. All submitted proposals shall be reviewed by MMC. Please ensure your proposal includes all required information. All incomplete or late proposals shall be subject to rejection. The structure of your proposal must be clearly understood.

For further information or questions regarding the Request for Proposals and submission of a proposal, contact Steven Fenton, Midland Project Manager at, phone 620-200-1982; or Kevin Royer, Midland Chief Executive Officer at, phone 785-628-3221.

Steven Fenton
Project Manager

Doc. No. 050303