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Publications iconKansas Register

Volume 41 - Issue 27 - July 7, 2022

(Published in the Kansas Register July 7, 2022.)

Cimarron Valley Railroad

Notice to Bidders

The Cimarron Valley Railroad (CVR) is seeking bids to install seven (7) Hotstart Auxiliary Power Units (APU) on their fleet of GE Dash 8 locomotives. The selected installer must have extensive locomotive mechanical experience and must have previously installed EPA Smartway certified idle reduction systems on locomotives.

The APUs must be installed per the following guidelines:

  • Mounted on conductors’ side walkway, under the dynamic brake grids.
  • Have a steel box with removable side covers constructed around the APU.
  • The control panel will be mounted inside the cab in a suitable location.
  • Minimum hose diameters maintained per the installation kit and Hotstart instructions.
  • All exposed hoses will be covered with pipe insulation and protected from the elements.
  • Main engine oil pickup with be pulled from the bottom of the sump and returned to the engine at the oil filter or oil cooler housing.
  • Main engine water will be pulled from the GURU plug or drain valve and return to the engine at the following 3 locations: 1” plug at the main upper water manifold between L8 and R8 power assemblies; ¾” weld on fitting in the top of the turbo charger/after cooler crossover pipe; and at the ¾” plug at the top of the water expansion tank.
  • Fuel lines installed per Hotstart instructions.
  • All hoses and wires must be zip tied and insulated appropriately to prevent chafing.
  • Exhaust system installed to direct exhaust flow away from the locomotive.
  • Battery charging circuit tied into locomotive battery knife switch.

APUs will come equipped with Hotstart install kits.

Additional installation material will be provided by CVR or at an additional cost to CVR if procured by installation contractor.

APUs must be tested for proper working order before installation is considered complete.

Locomotives will be available in Satanta, Kansas. A CVR provided forklift will be available as needed if scheduled in advanced. Contractor to provide all tooling required. One locomotive will be available at a time. The unit must be suitable for FRA service before another unit can be made available. If weather conditions permit, shop space will be allocated for the contractor to continue progress on the installations.

The APUs will be available for installation beginning September 5, 2022. All seven (7) APU installations must be completed by December 31, 2022.

All questions, comments, and concerns will be director to the project manager. Weekly project updates will be required by the contractor once installation begins. Submit bids and expected timelines to the project manager to:

Nathan Carlson

Nathan Carlson
Director of Mechanical
Jaguar Rail Transport

Doc. No. 050299