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Publications iconKansas Register

Volume 41 - Issue 22 - June 2, 2022

State of Kansas

Legislative Administrative Services

Legislative Bills and Resolutions Introduced

The following numbers and titles of bills and resolutions were introduced May 23 during the 2022 session of the Kansas Legislature. Full text of bills, bill tracking, and other information may be accessed at

House Resolutions

HR 6029, A RESOLUTION providing for changes in seat assignments in the House of Representatives during the 2022 legislative session, Representatives Ryckman, Hawkins and Sawyer.

House Concurrent Resolutions

HCR 5038, A CONCURRENT RESOLUTION relating to the adjournment sine die of the Senate and House of Representatives during the 2022 regular session of the legislature, by Representatives Ryckman, Hawkins and Sawyer.

HCR 5039, A PROPOSITION to amend article 10 of the constitution of the state of Kansas by adding a new section thereto; relating to reapportionment; prohibiting partisan and racial gerrymandering when reapportioning congressional and state legislative districts, by Representative Sawyer.

HCR 5040, A PROPOSITION to amend the constitution of the state of Kansas by revising article 10; requiring the reapportionment of congressional, state legislative and state board of education member districts; establishing a redistricting commission, by Representative Sawyer.

Senate Bills

SB 581, AN ACT concerning the state board of regents; enacting the Kansas campus restoration act; relating to deferred maintenance of facilities at state educational institutions; providing rules and regulations authority; establishing the Kansas campus restoration fund in the state treasury; authorizing certain transfers from the state general fund to the Kansas campus restoration fund; requiring annual reports to certain committees of the legislature, by Committee on Ways and Means.

Senate Resolutions

SR 1734, A RESOLUTION disapproving the proposed amendments to the international health regulations of the World Health Organization offered by President Biden’s administration, by Senators Alley, Steffen and Thompson.

Doc. No. 050200