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Publications iconKansas Register

Volume 41 - Issue 12 - March 24, 2022

(Published in the Kansas Register March 24, 2022.)

Syracuse-Hamilton County Airport

Notice to Airport Consultants

The Syracuse-Hamilton County Airport Commission is hereby soliciting statements of qualifications and experience from airport consultants for projects at the Syracuse-Hamilton County Airport (3K3). Subject to receipt of federal and/or Kansas Department of Transportation, Division of Aviation funding, these projects may include the following:

  • Construct Jet-A Fuel Farm. (Est. Cost = $350,000)

The projects and estimated costs shown above are identified in the airport’s capital improvement program (CIP) prepared by H.W. Lochner, Inc. This documentation is available for review upon request.

Services required include, but are not limited, to architectural and engineering services for preliminary, design, bidding, and construction phases, including incidental special services, for the above listed projects as funded under the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Airport Improvement Program or the Kansas Airport Improvement Program.

A qualification-based selection process conforming to FAA Advisory Circular 150/5100-14E will be utilized to select the most qualified firm. Fee information will not be considered in the selection process and should not be submitted with the statement of qualifications. Selection criteria will include:

  1. Capability to perform all aspects of the project including construction observation and materials testing
  2. Recent experience in similar projects
  3. Professional qualifications of key personnel
  4. Implementation of Affirmative Action Plan
  5. Current workload
  6. Ability to meet schedules within budget
  7. Quality of previous airport projects undertaken
  8. Knowledge of FAA standards and policies
  9. Demonstration of understanding of the projects
  10. Capability to furnish qualified inspectors
  11. Participation by DBE firms
  12. Firm reputation

Statement of qualifications should be limited to ten (10) double-sided pages in 12-point font on (81/2”x 11”) paper. Covers, table of contents, and divider tabs are not counted, provided no additional information is included on those pages. Resumes of key personnel may be added as an appendix and will not count towards the 10-page limit.

The final selection by the commission reviewing the proposals will generally be made following the completion of review of proposals. The selection committee does, however, reserve the right to conduct interviews for the top-rated firms if the committee deems it necessary. If interviews are conducted, selection will be made following interviews.

Fees will be negotiated for projects as federal and/or state funds become available.

This contract is subject to applicable federal provisions. These provisions are found on FAA’s website at

Interested firms should submit three copies of their statement of qualifications and experience along with references to the following address, no later than May 11, 2022.

Syracuse-Hamilton County Airport
C/O Steve Phillips, Airport Manager
1301 N. Main St.
PO Box 1136
Syracuse, KS 67878

Steve Phillips
Airport Manager

Doc. No. 049953