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Publications iconKansas Register

Volume 41 - Issue 12 - March 24, 2022

State of Kansas

Department of Agriculture
Division of Conservation

Notice of Authorization to Proceed with On-Call Engineering Services

Watershed Institute, Inc. has been identified as a qualified entity to provide specific on-call engineering services to the Kansas Department of Agriculture, Division of Conservation. Pursuant to its current “Agreement for On-Call Engineering Services” with Watershed Institute, Inc., the Kansas Department of Agriculture, Division of Conservation issued an authorization to proceed on Contract No. SbPP–TSP-2022-01 for mussel survey, collection, and relocation services to be conducted on the C104, C105, and C130 streambank protection sites in the Cottonwood River watershed in Lyon and Chase counties. The authorization to proceed was issued on September 17, 2021, for a total approved cost of $5,305.50.

Additional information about the Division of Conservation’s Streambank Protection Program is available from the program manager by phone at 785-564-6622, or electronically at

Andrew Lyon
Executive Director

Doc. No. 049945