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Publications iconKansas Register

Volume 41 - Issue 8 - February 24, 2022

State of Kansas

Secretary of State

Executive Appointments

Executive appointments made by the governor, and in some cases by other state officials, are filed with the secretary of state’s office. The following appointments were recently filed with the secretary of state:

House of Representatives, 122nd District

Dr. William Clifford, Garden City. Succeeds Russ Jennings.

District Court Judge, 9th Judicial District

Jason Lane, Newton.

District Court Judge, 25th Judicial District

Richard Marquez, Garden City.

Barton County Clerk

Bev Schmeidler, Great Bend. Succeeds Donna Zimmerman.

Dickinson County Clerk

Hilda Jeanne Livingston, Abilene. Succeeds Barbara Jones.

Finney County Commissioner

Robert Kreutzer, Garden City. Succeeds William Clifford.

Finney County Register of Deeds

Stephanie Shockley, Garden City. Succeeds Cori Smith.

Geary County Treasurer

Sherri Childs, Junction City. Succeeds Kathy Tremont.

Harvey County Attorney

Heather Figger, Hesston. Succeeds Jason Lane.

Labette County Commissioner

Terry Weidert, Parsons. Succeeds Brian Kinzie.

Lincoln County Attorney

Scott Wright, Beloit. Succeeds Doris White.

Miami County Treasurer

Tricia Lee, Paola. Succeeds Jennie Fyock.

Abstracters Board of Examiners

Roger Hannaford, Marion. Term expires June 30, 2023. Succeeds himself.

Jill Reynard, Riley. Term expires June 30, 2024. Succeeds herself.

Court of Appeals Nominating Commission

Todd Powell, Hays. Term expires January 31, 2022. Succeeds Ric Marquez.

Developmental Disabilities, Kansas Council on

Austin Hanson, Topeka. Term expires September 30, 2025.

Emergency Planning and Response, Commission on

Martha Gabehart, Topeka. Term expires November 30, 2023. Succeeds herself.

Propane Education and Research Council, Kansas

Tonya Wiles, Erie. Term expires August 31, 2023. Succeeds Jeff Conard.

Statewide Independent Living Council, Kansas

Gabriel Mullen, Lawrence. Term expires September 30, 2024. Succeeds himself.

Cindi Unruh, Newton. Term expires September 30, 2024. Succeeds herself.

Volunteer Commission, Kansas

Selena Eckstrom, Olathe. Term expires March 24, 2023. Succeeds Ralph Costillo.

Wildlife and Parks Commission, Kansas

Phillip Escareno, Garden City. Term expires June 30, 2025. Succeeds Gary Hayzlett.

Scott Schwab
Secretary of State

Doc. No. 049868