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Pooled Money Investment Board

Notice of Investment Rates

New State Laws

Kansas Legislature

House Bill 2087, concerning administrative rules and regulations; requiring the review of rules and regulations by state agencies every five years; relating to review by the director of the budget; requirements for adoption of rules and regulations; providing an alternative procedure for revocation of certain rules and regulations

Senate Bill 2, concerning alcoholic liquor; relating to the Kansas state fair; sales during the state fair; issuance of temporary permits; liquor enforcement tax and liquor drink tax; crediting a portion of such tax moneys collected to the state fair capital improvements fund; relating to the sale and delivery by retail liquor stores of alcohol and cereal malt beverages; increasing the percentage of alcohol by volume in domestic table wine and domestic fortified wine; relating to cereal malt beverage retailer licenses; requiring issuance thereof to a licensed farm winery that satisfies the statutory requirements for such retailer license; permitting farm wineries and producers to hold cereal malt beverage licenses; allowing farm wineries and producers to have alcoholic liquor such as wine on their premises while holding a cereal malt beverage license; removing the good character and reputation requirement for a cereal malt beverage license; providing that applicants for a farm winery or a producer license who are registered as agritourism operators shall be issued the license notwithstanding any zoning or other regulations of any city or county; providing that registered agritourism operators shall be issued a license as a drinking establishment not withstanding any city or county zoning or other regulations

Senate Bill 200, concerning the state board of pharmacy; expanding the pharmacist’s scope of practice to include initiation of therapy for certain health conditions; authorizing the collaborative drug therapy management advisory committee to adopt a statewide protocol for such therapy; adding to the list of persons who may receive prescription monitoring program data; providing requirements for data security and user and delegate access; increasing the number of members of the prescription monitoring program advisory committee

Senate Bill 343, concerning persons with disabilities; preserving families that include a parent who is blind; providing for certain considerations relating to cases involving legal custody, residency, parenting time, children in need of care, adoption, foster care and guardianship; relating to statutory terminology; updating the term “hearing impairment” to “hard of hearing” and other related terms concerning persons with hearing loss

Senate Bill 453, concerning health professions and practices; relating to unlicensed employees working in adult care homes; requiring unlicensed employee training courses to be taught and evaluated by professional licensed nurses; requiring a demonstration of skills to successfully complete training courses; licensees of the behavioral sciences regulatory board; allowing board-approved postgraduate experience to count toward graduate level supervised clinical practicum of supervised professional experience; permitting current master’s and clinical level licensees to take the addiction counselor’s test


Kansas Department of Agriculture - Division of Animal Health

Permanent Administrative Regulation