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Volume 40 - Issue 44 - November 4, 2021

(Published in the Kansas Register November 4, 2021.)

Midland Marketing Co-op, Inc.

Request for Proposals

Interested parties are invited to submit a proposal for a reconditioned railcar mover that will safely and efficiently move not less than 15 loaded covered grain hopper railcars.

The unit shall be a reconditioned model still supported by the manufacturer, and of which parts are stocked at one or more locations. Complete specifications and literature on the unit shall accompany a proposal.

Pre-Delivery Service

The unit shall be delivered complete and fully operational. The unit shall be properly serviced, prefer free of leaks, with all repairs made prior to delivery. A copy of all repairs or replacement of components (engine, engine components, transmission, etc.) shall accompany the proposal and unit to be delivered.


The bidder agrees, if their proposal is accepted, to guarantee materials, components, and workmanship performed on the unit according to the manufacturer. New components shall have warranty as designated by the manufacturer. 60-day complete unit warranty.


The proposal shall include delivery to Midland Marketing Co-op, Inc. location in McCracken, Kansas. Dealer must be prepared for a complete walk around and basic training on unit for safety purposes.

Detailed Specifications for a Reconditioned Railcar Mover

  • The reconditioned railcar mover shall require not less than 26,000 tractive force to safely move 15 loaded railcars for public and employee safety
  • Diesel engine
    • Not more than 8,000 hours, or
    • Rebuilt or new
  • Prefer rebuilt rail axles with brakes and new tires
  • Prefer rebuilt or new transmission
  • Prefer rebuilt or new transfer case
  • Prefer rebuilt rail axles
  • Operator cab
    • All working instruments and controls
    • Capability for remote operating
  • Block heater, safety strobe, and air horn
  • Dual weight transfer couplers, air release
  • Prefer external sanders
  • Lights
  • New batteries
  • Clean cab, all safety decals
  • Complete service 100% new fluids

Proposals must be submitted by December 31, 2021. Late proposals will be rejected.

For further information or questions regarding the request for proposals, contact Steven Fenton, Midland Marketing Co-op, Inc. Project Manager, phone 785-200-1982, email; or Kevin Royer, Midland Marketing Co-op, Inc. President, phone 785-623-7596, email Questions must be submitted simultaneously to Steven Fenton and Kevin Royer.

Steven Fenton
Project Manager

Doc. No. 049539