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Publications iconKansas Register

Volume 40 - Issue 19 - May 13, 2021

State of Kansas

Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism

Permanent Administrative Regulations

Article 3.—SMALL GAME

115-3-2. Rabbits, hares, and squirrels; legal equipment, taking methods, and possession. (a) Legal hunting equipment for rabbits, hares, and squirrels shall consist of the following:

(1) Firearms, except fully automatic rifles and handguns and except shotguns and muzzleloading shotguns larger than 10 gauge or using other than shot ammunition;

(2) pellet and BB guns;

(3) archery equipment;

(4) crossbows;

(5) falconry equipment;

(6) projectiles hand-thrown or propelled by a slingshot;

(7) box traps for rabbits and hares only;

(8) optical scopes or sights that project no visible light toward the target and do not electronically amplify visible or infrared light;

(9) lures, decoys except live decoys, and calls, including electric calls; and

(10) other equipment or methods as allowed by permit.

(b) The use of dogs, horses, and mules shall be permitted while hunting, but no person shall shoot while mounted on a horse or mule.

(c) Legal hours for the hunting and taking of rabbits, hares, and squirrels shall be from ½ hour before sunrise to sunset during established hunting seasons, except that legal hours for the running and box-trapping of rabbits and hares shall be 24 hours per day during established running seasons.

(d) Any type of apparel may be worn while hunting or running rabbits and hares.

(e) Legally taken rabbits, hares, and squirrels may be possessed without limit in time and may be given to another if accompanied by a dated written notice that includes the donor’s printed name, signature, address, and permit or license number. The person receiving the meat shall retain the notice until the meat is consumed, given to another, or otherwise disposed of. (Authorized by and implementing K.S.A. 2020 Supp. 32-807 and K.S.A. 2020 Supp. 32-1002; effective, T-115-7-27-89, July 27, 1989; effective Sept. 18, 1989; amended, T-115-12-28-89, Dec. 28, 1989; amended Jan. 22, 1990; amended Sept. 19, 1997; amended June 1, 2001; amended July 23, 2004; amended Feb. 18, 2005; amended April 26, 2019; amended May 28, 2021.)


115-9-6. Vehicle permits; display. (a) Except as provided in this regulation, each person who purchases a vehicle permit for entry into a state park or other area requiring a vehicle permit shall affix the permit to the lower corner of the windshield on the driver’s side of the vehicle for which the vehicle permit was purchased.

(b) Annual vehicle permits shall be permanently affixed.

(c) Each vehicle permit purchased from an electronic permit kiosk shall be displayed within the vehicle for which the permit was purchased in an unobstructed manner to allow the text on the permit to be read from outside the vehicle. (Authorized by K.S.A. 2020 Supp. 32-807; implementing K.S.A. 2020 Supp. 32-807 and 32-901; effective, T-115-7-27-89, July 27, 1989; effective Sept. 18, 1989; amended Feb. 20, 2015; amended May 28, 2021.)


115-18-13. This regulation shall be revoked on and after June 1, 2021. (Authorized by K.S.A. 32-807; implementing K.S.A. 32-807 and K.S.A. 32-1002; effective Aug. 15, 1994; amended Sept. 19, 1997; amended Sept. 25, 1998; amended Oct. 1, 1999; amended Sept. 22, 2000; amended Sept. 27, 2002; revoked June 1, 2021.)

Brad Loveless

Doc. No. 049128