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New State Laws

Kansas Legislature

Senate Bill 39, concerning agriculture; relating to the Kansas department of agriculture; the division of animal health; license, permit and registration renewal deadlines; calfhood vaccination tag fees

Senate Bill 47, concerning taxation; relating to income tax; enacting the Kansas taxpayer protection act; requiring a signature and tax identification number of paid tax return preparers on returns and claims and authorizing actions by the secretary of revenue to enjoin certain conduct; exempting compensation income attributable as a result of identity fraud; extending the dates when corporate returns are required to be filed; providing conformity with the federal return due date for returns other than corporate returns; providing a temporary withholding option for certain teleworking employees; relating to income and privilege tax credits; establishing an Eisenhower foundation contribution credit and the friends of cedar crest association contribution credit; extending the time period and expanding eligibility for the single city port authority credit; relating to rural opportunity zones; extending the time period for eligibility in the loan repayment program and the income tax credit related thereto; defining rural opportunity zone on the basis of population

House Bill 2077, concerning crime-related task forces, commissions and boards; relating to the Kansas closed case task force; extending the task force and providing for staff assistance; renaming the task force the Alvin Sykes cold case DNA task force; relating to the Kansas criminal justice reform commission; extending the commission and limiting the scope of study; relating to the crime victims compensation board; applications for compensation and mental health counseling; adding certain children to the definition of victim

House Bill 2079, concerning state officers; relating to certain powers, duties and functions of the secretary of state and the attorney general; enacting the Kansas fights addiction act; prescribing powers, duties and functions of the attorney general related thereto; providing for the expenditure of moneys recovered in opioid litigation; transferring a portion of such moneys annually for the operation of the prescription monitoring program; establishing a grant program to address the effects of substance abuse and addiction; Kansas fights addiction grant review board; Kansas fights addiction fund, municipalities fight addiction fund and prescription monitoring program fund; relating to charitable organizations; increasing the fees for certain charitable organizations; creating the charitable organizations fee fund; relating to the address confidentiality program; transferring duties to the attorney general; requiring certain businesses and public places to post notices offering help to victims of human trafficking

House Bill 2137, concerning alcoholic beverages; authorizing the issuance of a license to an individual whose spouse is a law enforcement officer; eliminating the requirement of Kansas residency for licensure; providing for suspension or revocation of licenses for violations of orders issued by the director; authorizing sales on Sunday and certain holidays; authorizing the issuance of fulfillment house licenses; reducing the Kansas grown product requirement for wine and hard cider; allowing the transfer and receipt of bulk wine; allowing the transfer and receipt of bulk alcoholic liquor and cereal malt beverage for canning and bottling purposes; requiring electronic submission of gallonage taxes by special order shipping licensees; authorizing the issuance of a drinking establishment license to manufacturers under certain conditions; authorizing the sale of alcoholic liquor by class A clubs at special events; specifying requirements for serving alcoholic liquor in pitchers; requiring issuance of a cereal malt beverage retailers’ license to licensed producers; allowing the sale and removal of beer and cereal malt beverage in certain containers; authorizing certain licensees under the Kansas liquor control act and the club and drinking establishment act to sell and serve cereal malt beverages