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Advance In-Person Voting May Begin for the Presidential Preference Primary

Wednesday, February 28, 2024

TOPEKA – Kansas Secretary of State Scott Schwab is reminding voters that advance in-person voting for the March 19 Presidential Preference Primary may begin as early as today and must conclude by March 18 at noon.

Voters should contact their county election office to learn the dates, times, and locations available for advance in-person voting in their county.

“This is the first of three big elections that Kansas voters will participate in this year,” Schwab said. “Even though there is only one race on each party’s ballot, I encourage all registered voters to make their preference known in this important race.”

As a reminder, both Republican and Democratic parties have determined that the preference primary will be closed, meaning any unaffiliated voter who wishes to participate will need to declare a party affiliation when checking in at their polling location.

The deadline to register to vote in the primary or to request an advance by mail ballot was February 20.

For more information about the Presidential Preference Primary please visit, In addition, voters may also find their sample ballot and verify their polling location on the VoterView tab at