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Secretary of State Scott Schwab Improves Agency Software System After Three Decades of Use

Tuesday, February 20, 2024

TOPEKA – Today, Secretary of State Scott Schwab announced that a new and improved online software system is live on the Secretary of State’s website. The software launch ushers in a new era of efficiency and accessibility for Kansas business owners.

The agency migrated from an AS400 system in use since 1986 which was cumbersome, difficult to operate and maintain, and obsolete which hindered the agency’s ability to effectively serve the public.

“This new software offers Kansans a reliable and secure platform designed to simplify their interaction with the state,” Schwab said. “I’m pleased to provide a newer and better service for Kansas businesses.”

Over the past five years, Secretary Schwab’s administration has focused on modernizing the computer environment, offering more tools, and added resources for Kansans. For Kansas business owners, this new software offers a more intuitive user experience with faster response times, immediate website updates, as well as new online features. Most importantly, Kansans have a more secure system for filing their business information reports online.