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Secretary Schwab Reminds Kansas Businesses of Positive Change in the New Year

Tuesday, January 2, 2024

TOPEKA – With the new year, Secretary of State Scott Schwab is reminding Kansas business owners of the positive change they will experience when submitting required filings to the Secretary of State’s office.

Every year Kansas business owners have been required to file an annual report with the Secretary of State’s office. Now, businesses will file an “Information Report” every two years instead of an “Annual Report” every year. The content of the report will remain the same. This change is a result of a bill Secretary Schwab introduced during the 2021 Kansas legislative session to reduce filing requirements.

“My administration has focused on cutting government red tape and reducing burdensome government overreach,” Schwab said. “The transition from annual filings to biennial filings will reduce paperwork for Kansas business owners allowing them to focus more on their business and less time with the government.”

A business’ filing year will be determined by the year in which the business was formed. Those formed in even years will file in even years, and those formed in odd years will file in odd years. For more information about biennial filing or to get your business formation and filing date, please visit