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Monday, December 4, 2023

TOPEKA – Today, Secretary of State Scott Schwab announced the kickoff for the first statewide election in 2024, the Presidential Preference Primary (PPP).

Last week marked the first important deadline of the March 19, 2024, Presidential Preference Primary when the Republican and Democratic parties notified the Secretary of State’s Election Division that they would be participating in the preference primary. The PPP replaces caucuses that parties had conducted in recent years to determine how delegates to the national conventions would be allocated.

Earlier this year, the Kansas Legislature authorized the state-run PPP, which had only been used in Kansas in 1980 and 1992. Our office worked with the legislators to ensure that funds are allocated to reimburse counties for the cost of the primary.

“Although Kansans are not used to voting in March for a Presidential Preference Primary, it is equally important to participate in this electoral process,” Schwab said. “I encourage voters to exercise their right and participate in this unique election, this will be the third state-run PPP in Kansas history.”

This election is nontraditional -- the timelines and statutes governing this election vary from a normal primary or general election. For instance, there is no three-day grace period for any mail-in ballots following election day.

To learn more about this one-time Presidential Preference Primary visit