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Monday, April 24, 2023

TOPEKA – Secretary of State Scott Schwab today commended the signing of Senate Bill 221 which will improve election administration in Kansas, enhance transparency in the state’s election process, and increase election security. This bill is the most comprehensive modernization of the state’s election statutes in decades.

This bill builds upon previously enacted legislation, supported by Secretary Schwab, to continue strengthening laws in Kansas to further promote election integrity.

The bill makes the following improvements to the state’s election laws:

  • Improves the process for candidates who request a recount.
  • Increases transparency to voters on county election office websites by providing sample ballots, polling hours and other election information.
  • Standardizes a process for vacancies in certain local and county offices.
  • Increases election integrity by creating new election crimes for interfering with election equipment.
  • Makes technical improvements to election laws to make statutes clearer for voters and county election officials.
  • Resolves dozens of outdated, vague, and conflicting state election laws.

“Ensuring safe and secure elections has been my commitment since taking office in 2019. This bill is evidence of that commitment,” said Secretary Schwab. “I appreciate the legislators and stakeholders who supported this bill to strengthen the integrity of Kansas elections by making necessary improvements to the state’s election laws, many of which were long-overdue.”

The bill passed the legislature with strong bipartisan support.