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Friday, March 3, 2023

TOPEKA – Today, Kansas Secretary of State Scott Schwab announced the appointment of Laura Rainwater as Sedgwick County Election Commissioner.

“I am pleased to announce Laura Rainwater has been selected to serve as Sedgwick County Election Commissioner,” said Secretary Schwab. “Ms. Rainwater is a demonstrated leader with a proven ability to get things done.”

Rainwater is a lifelong resident of Sedgwick County. Prior to this appointment, she served as Executive Director for the Regional Economic Area Partnership and Sedgwick County Association of Cities and as Director of Administrative Services for the Workforce Alliance of South Central Kansas. Rainwater is a graduate of Wichita State University with a degree in Business Management and is a graduate of the MiniMPA program through the Hugo Wall School of Public Affairs. She also received the Certified Public Manager certification through the University of Kansas.

“Ms. Rainwater has a strong background in public relations, communications, and government,” said Schwab. “Her experience will be instrumental in working with the county commissioners to ensure a quality election process in Sedgwick County. I am honored that she is willing to serve our state and Sedgwick County voters in this role.”

Representatives from the Secretary of State’s Office and Sedgwick County government interviewed candidates and forwarded their recommendations to Secretary Schwab. Upon interviewing the finalists and reviewing their qualifications, Secretary Schwab appointed Ms. Rainwater.