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Frdiay, December 2, 2022

TOPEKA – Secretary of State Scott Schwab today announced the resignation of Angela Caudillo as Sedgwick County Election Commissioner. Caudillo was appointed by Secretary Schwab in 2021 and brought extensive county management and leadership to the Sedgwick County Election Office.

“Angela faithfully served Sedgwick County and the state, and we are grateful for her knowledge and skill in administering safe and secure elections,” said Schwab. “On behalf of the State of Kansas, we offer Angela our heartfelt gratitude for the diligence and dedication in which she led the Sedgwick County Election Office.”

During her tenure as Election Commissioner, Caudillo oversaw the administration of safe and secure elections, successful completion of post-election audits, a hand recount, and the implementation of increased election integrity measures. “Angela led the Election Office through challenging times, often with limited resources and funding from the county commission,” said Schwab. “When resources and needs are not met, and the political environment toward election officials is hostile, we lose talent. It is hard to see a good public servant leave,” said Schwab.

The Office of Secretary of State will work with Sedgwick County representatives to evaluate, interview, and select Ms. Caudillo’s replacement. Additional details on the process to select the next Election Commissioner for Sedgwick County will be announced in the coming days.