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Tuesday, October 11, 2022

TOPEKA – Secretary of State Scott Schwab is reminding Kansans that the deadline to register to vote for the November 8 general election is October 18. Kansans who are not registered to vote but would like to participate in the general election must complete a voter registration form. Those who are already registered but have recently moved or changed their name MUST re-register to vote.

“I encourage all eligible Kansans to exercise their constitutional right and participate in the electoral process,” said Schwab. “Those who need to update their registration because they moved or changed their name should do so by the deadline. And, any teenager who will be 18 by November 8 should also register.”

Kansans can register to vote online or check their voter registration status at Kansans may also register to vote at their county election office, the Secretary of State’s office, or local Department of Motor Vehicles.