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Wednesday, July 27, 2022

TOPEKA – Today, Secretary of State Scott Schwab joined Congressman Rodney Davis (R-IL) and other members of Congress at the United States Capitol for a roundtable discussion on election integrity in conjunction with the introduction of the American Confidence in Elections Act (ACE Act). This pro-state election integrity bill includes several election measures already in place in Kansas.

The ACE Act recognizes the importance of states’ rights in establishing election law and administering elections. It provides funding for states and sets out best practices to improve election integrity nationwide.

Some of the best practices in the ACE Act include:

  • Free, photo voter ID: Kansas was an early leader on this and has served as a national model for workable and effective voter photo ID for both in-person and advance by-mail voting. Secretary Schwab led the effort in the Kansas House to enact voter ID into law.
  • No same-day registration: Kansas has rejected same-day registration.
  • No ballot harvesting: In 2021, Kansas banned ballot harvesting.
  • Ban on acceptance of private funding for elections administration: In 2021, Kansas banned the use of private funds for election administration.
  • Meaningful observer access: Kansas has some of the most expansive poll agent laws in the nation that allow observers to watch all phases of the election process.
  • Mandatory post-election audits: Kansas has some of the most comprehensive post-election audit systems in the nation, enacted into law on the recommendation of Secretary Schwab.
  • Equipment certification: Kansas has long required certification of voting equipment. As of 2022, Kansas requires certification of electronic-pollbooks.
  • Annual voter list maintenance and no unsolicited ballot mailing: Kansas does constant list maintenance for deceased voters, felons, non-citizens, and those who have moved using the National Change of Address system. Secretary Schwab’s recommendation to add additional tools so counties can better identify voters who have moved was enacted into law in 2022. In Kansas, unlike many states, ballots are only mailed if requested by a properly registered voter and only after photo ID is provided and the voter’s signature is verified.

“I am proud of our work to strengthen election integrity in Kansas,” said Schwab. “I am honored that my office was asked to offer ideas as this bill was developed. It was a tribute to Kansas to accept the invitation to attend this important discussion and highlight the strong integrity measures we have in place in Kansas, many of which are included in the ACE Act.”