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Monday, December 6, 2021

TOPEKA – Secretary of State Scott Schwab announced the creation of a new Election Security Initiative within the Secretary of State's office on Monday. The Initiative will help enhance the Secretary of State’s operations toward securing the electoral system. As part of the Initiative, the Office launched a new online reporting tool for voter fraud and intimidation. Specifically, this tool will allow individuals to have a secure outlet to report election or voter fraud to be reviewed by the Office. The new Initiative will bolster election integrity in Kansas and standardize the process for claims to be heard and investigated. Visit to access the form.

“Our Republic is lost without integrity – which is why I have dedicated my tenure, both in the Kansas Legislature and as Secretary of State, to ensure honesty and security in our elections in Kansas. Although I am confident in our election laws, we must remain vigilant to keep Kansas elections safe, secure, and trusted,” said Secretary of State, Scott Schwab.