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Thursday, October 24, 2019

TOPEKA – The State of Kansas today announced the launch of the Kansas Business One Stop – The new site is a joint effort by the Secretary of State’s office and several state agencies to simplify the process of starting, operating and growing a business in Kansas. Participating agencies include the Kansas Department of Agriculture, Kansas Department of Commerce, Kansas Department of Labor and Kansas Department of Revenue.

“Whether you are a small mom and pop business or a billion-dollar entity the Kansas Business One Stop was created to make it easier to start and maintain a business in Kansas,” said Kansas Secretary of State Scott Schwab. “Today’s announcement is the result of innovative collaboration between multiple state agencies to make government more accessible for Kansas business owners.”

The Kansas Business One Stop consolidates resources and information from several state agencies to provide new and existing businesses with one convenient website to manage their various business needs. The site provides resources on business formation, obtaining tax IDs, licenses and permits, workforce development programs, funding and incentives, small business support and initiatives that support veteran, minority and women owned businesses.

Additional features to the website are in development and scheduled for deployment near the end of 2019. These will include a wizard feature to help individuals interested in starting a business navigate state requirements for starting and running a business, and a toolkit to provide resources for starting the most common types of businesses. Among the features are the inclusion of additional state agencies and enhanced features for business owners.

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