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Elections iconCertification Program

The certification program helps county clerks analyze election office procedures, improve uniformity across counties, teach how to implement new policies, and provide a curriculum training course to receive certification. This program is in addition to the annual statewide and biannual regional trainings that currently take place for county election officials conducted by the Secretary of State’s office.


Each course will be taught in-person in a 3-hour format. Year One would include 3 courses taught over a one and a half day session. Class sizes will range from 5 to 25-30 attendees.


Year One courses will be taught in spring 2023; Year Two courses will be taught in 2024; followed by Year Three in 2025. A pilot program involving select counties will complete all the training courses prior to the 2024 General Election. A recognition ceremony would be held at the end of each Year Three session.

Advance Renewal Courses

An advance renewal course will be taught annually after the initial certification courses. Completion of advance renewal courses will be required to maintain certification status.

Year One Courses

Will include courses on planning for an election; voter registration list maintenance; redistricting; cyber security; and managing voting systems.

Year Two Courses

Will include courses on poll worker recruitment, training and retention; managing the voting process, including UOCAVA, advance by mail, and chain of custody procedures; managing the provisional ballot process, post-election audits, canvass procedures and recounts.

Year Three Courses

Will include courses on election office administration, including planning, budgeting, purchasing and personnel management; media relations, social media and public outreach; and technology in elections including cyber security.

County clerks who are looking for more information and course dates, please contact our Elections Division at 800-262-VOTE (8683).