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Notary Qualifications

To be eligible to be a notary in Kansas, state law requires that a person must be:

  • At least 18 years of age.
  • A Kansas legal resident, or a resident of a bordering state, who regularly carries on a business or profession in Kansas or who is regularly employed in Kansas.

Follow these steps to become a Kansas notary:

  1. Complete the Notary Public Appointment Form (Form NO).
  2. Obtain a notary surety bond. State law requires a notary to be bonded for $7,500. The bond must be a commercial surety bond from an insurance company licensed in Kansas. The surety bond company must complete the appropriate section of the Notary Public Appointment Form.
  3. Obtain a notary seal. An impression of the notary seal, or, if the seal is a stamp, a copy of the stamp must accompany the Notary Public Appointment Form. A notary seal must contain the notary’s name exactly as it appears on the notary application for appointment, the word “notary public” and “State of Kansas” or words of like import. Notary seals may be purchased at office supply stores or online.
  4. Mail or deliver the completed Notary Public Appointment Form that includes the surety bond, impression of the notary seal or stamp, and $25 application fee to the Secretary of State’s Office.
  5. The Secretary of State’s office processes notary applications within 3-5 business days and mails approved applicants a Notary Certificate to their home address. An applicant may not notarize documents until their application is approved.

Length of Appointment

Notaries are appointed for four years.

Renewing a Notary Appointment

Appointments may be renewed by completing Form NO. Notaries are encouraged to submit their renewal application 90 days before their appointment expires to ensure their authority to notarize documents is uninterrupted. The fee is $25.

Notary Name Change

Notaries who change their name are required by state law to obtain a new seal or stamp and notify the Secretary of State. Notaries should submit Form NC indicating the change and provide an impression of the new seal or stamp. There is no fee to submit Form NC.

Other Changes to Notary Appointment

Form NC also may be used to change an address, phone number, or notary seal. There is no fee to submit Form NC to make changes to a notary appointment.

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